Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Finally the day has come where I can take the kids for a walk and not have to worry about wind, rain or cold. What a long time coming it has been.
I took the kids for a lengthy walk this afternoon. I usually will just go to the park or the store, there is usually a destination 'cause I am just not sure how long the weather will hold up. How nice. I really noticed the smells of everything, the trees, freshly cut grass, flower beds, I even smelled the air freshener wafting out of a car parked on the curb. The one thing that surprised me today was a small group of people passed, The kind of group where everyone says "hi" and a comment on how cute your kids are and look how smiley the one in the back is. When they passed I smelled a smell that I hadn't smelled in a long time. American cigarettes. I am an ex smoker, I quit about6 years ago when I met my husband. I didn't quit because he asked me to, I quit almost accidentally. Since Simon is somewhat allergic and just doesn't like the smell or the habit, I was cutting back. I didn't smoke around him, I wouldn't smoke if I were going to see him. I actually remember my last cigarette, I was on my way to work and noticed that it was the last in the pack. Thought I should maybe stop and get a new one. I didn't feel like it I thought well , the next time I want one I will go and get some then. I never did.
However when I caught the whiff of an American cigarette I thought " It probably would have been a lot harder were I an American". Not only that but I love the smell of cigars. I would probably burn a cigar as incense if they were laying around the house.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

evil plots for punishing teens

On the news the other day was a mom who's son had gotten aggressive with a teacher. Enter the proactive mom. We will call her mom the brave. So, mom the brave punished her son by strapping a sign to his back saying something like " I am being punished for a bad decision", and his chore was to clean up trash. The story was, the boy and teacher were goofing around but it got carried away and the teacher ended up in a headlock. The reporter said that the boy was apparently a good kid and no track record of aggression but the school felt the situation needed to be taken seriously and I believe he was suspended for a few days. You could see on his face that he was not impressed.
I am quite impressed at the mothers pro activeness. I think that there is not enough of making kids accountable these days. However I do think the sign was a bit much but the gutter cleaning-AWESOME. I can't wait to put my kids to task when they have been naughty.
I have on my side two friends who work with the local city police and I know if either one of my kids need some kind of reality check, they will be happy to help. We have already discussed a few methods. One being taking them into the cells and seeing what happens to the bad guys. The second was along the lines of a lecture which I think would be less effective.
I like the idea of the chores. Give them chores that no-one wants to do. (1) Cleaning dog poop duty for our home and any0ne else we know who has a dog for one week. (2) mowing the lawns of the neighborhood. (3) helping the Seniors of the neighborhood with household tasks.
However I am thinking way ahead of myself, my kids are angels and always will be.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Sorry all for neglecting my updates. I have some time parasites keeping me away from this duty. One being Facebook. Yep, I ma one of those. I have had the account for some time now but just recently I have been doing the find your lost friends thing.
I moved away from my home town about 7 years ago and never really looked back. I wasn't all that interested in keeping contact with too many people and the ones that I held some importance to me just kind of faded out. So, thanx to facebook, I have found some really cool "old" friends. I am actually sad that I haven't been in contact for so many years cause I do miss them.
Also I am hosting a garage sale here this weekend. It has been a lot of work setting up and the weather isn't really all that favorable but what I don't sell I am bringing over to a Friends garage sale next weekend so I got to be rid of some of it.
Speaking of time parasites, I hate to admit it but Tavish has been glued to me. Especially in the morning. I can't put him down or break physical contact with him without him melt down in front of me. I think it might be a growth spurt since he is having his morning nap at 9:30 instead of 11:30. I hope it ends soon.
thanxs for holding on.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring cleaned

ahhhhh, clean.
Monday, my cleaning lady and I went all out on the kitchen. Cleaned the cupboards in and out, she got my stove sparkling ( and it is an old stove ), anything that was in my kitchen was cleaned. It is so nice. She was supposed to come back yesterday to do the windows and walls but a girlfriend of mine said save yourself some money, I will come over and help you.
So I cancelled the cleaning lady and Christine came over and washed the walls in the dining area, the front entrance, the living room and hallway. I cleaned the windows and tracks. I keep noticing how good my yard looks now that I can see it through my kitchen window. I had to look a few times out the window in the dining area cause it looked like something was missing....... The dirt.
So, now I am going to do some spring sorting to get ready for the garage sale this next weekend. I have never hosted a garage sale before so I am sure I will be annoyed with it by the time it is over and not want to do it again, but for now I am really excited about it.
I love a clean house
I love friends that like to clean
I love my husband for keeping the kids occupied while we cleaned.
It is a beautiful day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Still blushing

Saturday was hectic. We were getting the house ready for Declans birthday party. Neither of the kids would eat their breakfast. Tavish was whining all morning and would not go down for his nap. Declan started whining because of this or that. He was just hungry but to excited to eat. Tavish was crying in his crib, still not going for a nap. I stated to Simon "I have to leave". He replies " I think that is a good idea". So, not showered cause I didn't have time yet, I get dressed. I had on the oldest clothes I think I have had knowing that I was going to change into something else when I had gotten the shower thing out of the way. I didn't bother with underwear since I felt them superfluous at the time ( an extra few seconds to put them on-not Worth it) put on a baseball cap and left.
I went to pick up stuff for the goody bags. I never do goody bags I find them a waste. Whenever I get them it usually turns into something for the trash unless there is chocolate in it. Then it is just mine. but anyway I went to get stuff or goody bags since I couldn't think of what else to do in my escape.
I was gone for about 1/2 and hour and Tav was still whining in his crib but I got to shop so I felt better. He eventually went to sleep and I started stuffing "things" into the goody bags and felt a draft. I checked, yep, my zipper was down. I felt all of the blood rush to my face and said out loud OMG!!!!! Remember the lack of underwear I was wearing???
I really hope I didn't give anyone a peep. It still makes me blush when I think about it.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

all about the pacifier

After a few comments on a previous post I thought I would give you a bit o info.
Did you know that people have been using pacifiers since before the birth of Christ? Royalty in ancient Egypt would use pacifiers carved out of marble.
Pacifiers calm babies by helping them practice the only known skill they have. Sucking. It is the only instinct that naturally comes to them. That is why they work. They only know how to do one thing when they are born. Crying also helps to soothe babies but they can do that on their own. Pooping is just a body function but I bet that sure helps to soothe a baby too.
Also soothers ( pacifiers) help with digestion. I am not sure how it works but they can help with gas and constipation. It encourages digestion.
I believe the dependence on soothers is different for every baby. I have heard people say that a child has a soother way to long because of the parents. In some cases I agree. I would have totally agreed with this if you were to ask me before we had our dear Tavish. Declan never really used a soother. By 5 months it just became a play thing. Tavish is now 14 months and is still quite dependant on it especially for going to sleep. I wish we could just throw the thing out but it would make for a really long day. That is why I say it is different for each baby. Two kids, same family and they have had a pretty similar babyhood ( did I just make up a new word???) but one child was completely non dependant on a soother and the other is dependant on it.
I do think that when you see a four year old out with a soother in its mouth, that is when you gotta think hmmm do they really need it? or does it just need to be taken away?
I am hoping by 18 months to take it away, I plan to do it gradually. But we will see. I had planned to have him sleeping on his own by 1 and that is not working.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

You asked for it

Okay, here are the rest of the pics you requested.
I love this one of Dex, he is such a handsome guy.
classic naked with diaper pose
tee hee
I call this one "The secret" Declan did this all on his own. We were thinking of what other poses to do and he just scooted over and gave Tav a kiss.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

pics part 1

Here are some pics of the boys I had done a few weeks ago. There are several different poses so I am not going to show you all on one post. I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with their cuteness.The boys together

Tav's 1st year pic

I love feet!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

no guilt tonight

Tonight is the fist time in 10 days that Tavish has gone to bed without crying. Yep, we resorted to the Ferber method again, last resort. The waking in the middle of the night and trying to snuggle a baby that does not stop moving got old. So, for his 2 naps and bedtime he was settled down with a bit of a rock in the gliding rocking chair, with some light humming and finally being placed in the crib with a few back rubs and a good bye.
I am not sure if it is the start of a trend or just luck. I got home from the gym at about 8:30, Simon, Declan and my mother-in-law were all sitting in the living room and I asked if Tav was sleeping. I received a "sounds like it." He had just gone down. So, I peeked in and he was laying in his crib eyes open sucking on his soother. Then he switched soothers. Somewhere in his crib he hid a spare. He can have 80 soothers in his crib if it will keep him from crying himself to sleep. Bed time is the only time he gets a soother so I really don't mind if he has a dependency on it for now.
I checked in on Tav again about 5 minutes later and he was laying down eyes open watching his little crib music thing that straps on the side go around and around. Still switching soothers. Not crying, yay success. 5 minutes later he was out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the worst be over. I HATE listening to my poor baby cry.