Monday, July 23, 2007

A drop in the bucket

We have finally started our home ronovations. It is only a bit of landscaping for now, almost a full retaining wall in the garden is up. But it is just a drop in the bucket.
We have a whole basement that needs to be done. When we first bought our house the basement was concidered partially finished. When we moved in, it became unfinished. We ripped out old shag carpet, swag lamps not to mention wall and wall panelling. So, the first thing we are doing it installing 2 48x24 windows in the basement where there are no windows. Then there will be framing, drywalling, electrical, plumbing, carpeting. We decided to save ourselves some money in the painting department, pretty much the only area we feel we are compitent in. However it will be soooo worth it having the extra living space and some natural light in the basement. AND a place for our guests so they don't have to tent it in the backyard when they visit ( we haven't resorted to that YET). The price tag is hefty but It is like getting a whole other house built on. All of that extra square footage we haven't been using will have actual function. I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That don't impress me much

Today I took the kids for a walk. It was a great day sunny, no wind, just warm enough not too hot. Behind me I hear a car squeel out onto the street so already I am thinking "idoit". I notice a car slow down bsedie me so I have a look and there are two guys in a shiny new Mustang convertable with really loud music. I get the "how you doin" nod and then they squeel off down the street.
First of all who squeals their tires on purpose thinking it impresses people??? Then there is the loud music.. They are listening to "I like to move it move it". Not a bad song, good base but Declan dances and sings to that song. So, It impressed me as much as if someone was trying to seduce me with the looney tunes theme song. So I think to myself. What is the point?? Here is 30 something woman pushing 2 kids in a stroller in the middle of the afternoon. Chances are I am not available. What would possess two knuckle draggers to slow down enough to get my attention and do the Joey nod???? I just shook my head..

However what did impress me was half a block down. A cute guy on a tractor mower. He sees me coming, smiles at me, stops, turns off the motor, smiles at my kids, waits until we have pass and then starts up his motor and continues on with his work.

If maybe they were in a 66 shiny Mustang convertable, lisening to something that is now on the top 40 stopped to cooo over my kids. Also not to mention driving the speed limit not wasting rubber on the blacktop. I may be thinking a little differently.

Would I have said the same thing a decade ago when "real 2 real" was in the top 40???