Saturday, September 29, 2007

I forgot about this

I had just remembered that I promised you guys a game of " Who's the biggest pervert". Well, let's get it started.
There is room for 6 players. I will give one week for anyone to give me their email address and then I will explain the set up and rules. So, deadline for sign up is Saturday, October 6.
As promised we will play through direct e-mail and it will be only through game members only. If you have any suggestions please make them to me before "game day".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

fun little games...

I was gone for one hour yesterday ONE HOUR. I get home to find a note taped to my door. THE GREN WAS HERE. I am assuming out of most of the people who still read my blog ( even after much negligence on my part) most of you know who the Gren is. I read the note, there was more than just " THE GREN WAS HERE", however, Simon has it somewhere no doubt pressed in a book.
At first I was disappointed that I had missed a visitor. It is a great break in my day as most stay at home moms will know. I was sad thinking that I had missed a visit from someone who lived very far away and made a special attempt to " drop by". Then I was relieved for two reasons. 1) the state of my house at the time 2) I would probably have panicked a bit with a strange man at my door claiming to be " The Gren". I have no idea what "The Gren" looks like. I would have probably been a panicked stricken mother and simply panic that a stranger is at my house who says he knows me and wants to come in. Would that not freak anyone else out???
The fun part about all of it was that he was no where near my house but had met a couple from my city a month back at a wedding. Being the creative man he is, wrote the note and sent it back with instructions to tape it to the door of the said address.
In conclusion, it was some excitement to my day to try and piece together the mystery, and there was some relief that I hadn't missed a visitor from a land far far away. Even though I still looked a bit like an ass, it was probably less that the song and dance I would have done trying to get the stranger to prove to me who he was before inviting him in for tea.
Very good timing as well, actually getting here in the hour that I was gone that day.
Thanks for the fun...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

led astray

Since my last posting I have only lost 4 more lbs. I was a bit disappointed since the first week was so great. I half expected the weight to just "fall" off. Still that is 13 lbs in 3 weeks so I will take it. I still don't really notice a difference but Simon has assured me that there is. Thanks Honey :o). However I am not discouraged ( well maybe a bit) but the logical side of me says that it could be a plateau or it could just be leveling out since it happened so fast in the beginning. I still have just under 3 weeks left of the cleanse and then I am not sure what but 6.5 weeks till Cuba!!!!!
On a happier note Tavish has sort of given up the soother. I put him down for a nap without it last week and he didn't really fuss. There was a bit of whining for about five minutes and then he fall asleep. Tavish does seem to miss it, he asks for a bottle at times when he doesn't get one and he has been waking up unusually early like 5:40 am this morning. I think he is waking up looking for it to go back to sleep and once he realizes it isn't there he is upset. Just a bit longer and he will have forgotten it all together it is just getting through till nap time since he is a bit cranky from being up so early.