Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here it is, my commitment to 2008.
The first thing I am going to do is go back to the gym and get back on my diet. I have gained back most of the weight I lost just before Cuba.
I am going to stop buying crap. I spend a lot of money on stuff, just stuff. That might be why there is so much clutter in my kitchen.
Also I am going to get up early and get ready first thing. I find I get more done when I am up and ready.
So, that is my plan, what is yours???

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prepare yourself. you are going to want to move in

Here they are, the pics of our new basement.Above is the stairs heading into the glorious new space. On the left there you can see a tiny bit of wall that still needs some work. That is up to us. It was a add on that we never had in the contract but Phillip covered up some really bad drywall there and we just have to paint it.

The entrance to my scrapbooking room. It is really cluttered because the counter top is late. The laminate that he had ordered was cracked when he went to pick it up. So, this room is not complete but I have really needed to use it for some Christmas projects that I have been working on. The stuff on the left is going. The table end to the right of the closet is going and of course that table will be gone. I plan to have a fold out underneath that window for company.

My temporary workspace until the counter top comes in. Hopefully tomorrow but we are heading south for a few days so I won't really get to enjoy it. Besides I am done my stuff for now.

My storage space and wall cut out. I can watch Simon on the computer through there. that little bit of light you see on the right there through the cut out is Simon's office. I will send out the fished pic when that is done and organized.

The entrance to the laundry/bath room.

That is Simon's little showering space and the rest of the bathroom Oh, and Jango sniffing the garbage. I think he is after my empty coffee cup. He likes lattes too.

This is the start of Simon's office. Everything has been just kind of "placed" in there for now. We are still planning what it is going to look like. We are also going to be putting some bunk beds in there for guests.

That is where I am sitting now. We are hoping to find a desk that will fit all of our stuff on it soon.

The media area. There is a couch behind and to the right of me and the TV is to the left. That little black mark on the coffee table is from a t-light I left burning on there years ago. We plan to cover that table in tiles. It has been around longer than I have.

Then the kids play area.

there is still a lot we have to do before it is complete. As far as filling it with all of the stuff still in the garage and getting functional pieces of furniture. It is a cozy little place for us now. unfortunately we have been too darn busy to enjoy it yet. It is a bit bigger than it is coming through here and the new windows bring in so much light. I sure do like it down here now. You wouldn't get me down here after dark before.
So, when are you going to come and see it for yourself??? I can't wait to have my first basement guests.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paid forward

Finally I was able to pay it forward this morning. A few months ago I was going through a Second cup drive through and as I was given my order the staff member excitedly told me that the previous lady paid for me. I was touched. I was in such a hurry to catch up to the lady's car that I didn't even think that I could have paid for the person behind me. I did manage to catch up to her at a red light but she didn't look my way. I was about to honk but the light changed and she drove off. I was done with the chase. I have been through the same drive through a few times but no one has ever pulled up behind me. I was pretty excited to see a few cars in the line when I got there. It left a large possibility that there would be enough time for someone to pull in and the fact that it might just be coffee break time. It was my turn to pull up to the window and yet no one behind me. The window lady was a bit slow in getting to the window and for once I was thankful for slow service because just as she was handing me my muffins a gold intrepid pulled up behind me. Then it took a few minutes for my non fat medium butter pecan latte to be ready. I had to ask for another muffin because Declan didn't like the banana nut one, he wanted the apple cinnamon one he heard me order. It was supposed to be for Christine so I gave him hers and got Christine a new one ( We were on our way to her house). Then it was time to pay. I had told her that I wanted to buy the lady behind me a coffee and the window lady must get this often because she was pretty stoic about it. When it happened to me the window lady was so excited to be there.
I was able to get a look at the face of the woman I was buying a coffee for and it was kind of cool, it was like I had just bought my mom a coffee. She was about the same age and same hair color. My mom doesn't drive a gold intrepid, she drives a white 96 Bonneville or a grey classic 76 Lincoln Continental. They are all about the same size though.
It was a load off my back to be able to pay it forward and no longer feel like I was slacking in that department.
I know you are wondering how long it is going to be before we post new pics of the basement. They are coming, I don't know yet how to get the pics off the new camera so as soon as Simon gets that done for me I will post that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HELLO its me is that you???

I am finally back online. Our computer was taking a holiday for almost a week and left me feeling like I was stuck in a cave. It really gave me the feeling like life was going on without me. Simon brought home his laptop for me a few times so I can "scratch that itch".
On top of it all I have been battling a pretty serious head cold. Tavish caught it first and I really don't know where it came from. Then it was my turn. Declan caught it on the weekend and seemed to get it the worst. Fortunately he was the first to recover from it. I don't know which I would prefer. If I would have it less severe for twice as long or a serious case for a brief period. I think it would depend on what I had to get done. So far I haven't gotten much done anyway.
We have received so many Christmas cards already and I still have to do mine. I think I will start mine in June next year.
The basement is in limbo for the next few days. The carpet comes on Thursday but we are still waiting for the counter tops for both the bathroom and craft room. They were supposed to be here last week but there has been a delay. We are pretty much just waiting for something to happen.
It is just the beginning to the Christmas shenanigans though. Friday I have a nail appointment in preparations for Simon's Christmas party. I still have to adjust the straps on the new dress I bought for it. I have to figure out how I am going to do my hair. There is also a Christmas open house that afternoon at a friends house. Sunday is the kids Christmas party for Simon's work. Then Sunday night we have plans. That is all I am going to say because it has something to do with Simon's birthday on Tuesday.
Somewhere between now and Christmas we have to get our basement together, and parties out of the way, presents wrapped and travel 5.5 hours south to my folks place. I think I should invest in a whole swack of chocolate covered espresso beans to get me going.
The joy of the holidays :o)