Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whoa! I hope nothing else happens!!

I have been at my new job for two months now and already I have not shown up for a shift and now I have told off a customer.
I showed up for work on Tuesday and the people I was working with let me know that I didn't come in for my shift the previous Thursday. OMG!!! No one even phoned me!!! I would have raced down there if I knew I was supposed to be there!!! No one seemed at all concerned about it. I had even spoke to the manager and apologized. He had said not to worry about it and since no one called me it really wasn't my fault. Um O.K.
As soon as I showed up for work today I had a lady yell at me because she had been waiting for help for 15 minutes. She was in a department that is kind of out of the way so we don't go there unless someone needs help there. She had someone page and call our desk but there was no one available to help. There were two other staff members on and one was with a customer putting in an order and the other was on a break I think. So, she comes right up to me and asks me if I was from this department... I said yes and then she yells at me that she has been waiting for 15 minutes and no one has come to help her or even come by to see if she had been helped. I apologized and explained that I just got there and everyone else was busy. I then had said I am sorry, what can I help you with . We were walking to the department and she was shitting on me the whole time about crappy customer service, no one bothered to help her, no one tried to do anything for her blah blah blah. Why was there no one around??? You know the kind of crap you get from someone who probably has her husband wipe her ass at the ring of a bell. Anyways I apologized again and tried to sympathize. Even though we had adequate staff I had said something about there not being enough staff anywhere anymore, blamed it on the economy. She had the freakin nerve to say to me " I don't need to hear your excuses". I stopped dead in my tracks and said to her that I didn't want to help her. I said that if she was going to treat me like crap that I wasn't going to continue to help. She went on complaining that no one even offered to take her name to have some one prepare this item for her so she could come and pick it up later. So then I said that if she wanted me to help her that she had to change her tone and then I asked her " what do you want me to do??" She said that she would like me to help her with this item . I had said O.K. , I will but you have to be kind to me. So, I got everything done and asked her if there was anything else she needed from me and I went back to my department to vent on whomever was not helping someone.
Minutes later I heard a request for a manager on duty. Ah I thought to myself, there she is. Still needing to be heard and is going to complain about me. The manager came over while I was helping someone and I had asked him if he was there to talk to me. He said yes. I asked if it was about the lady. he said yes. I finished with the customer and we went to the back room. We sat down and he said O.K. what happened. I told him and he smiled at me and said there are some people you just can't please. He sent me on my way and told me to try and have a good shift.
I have a month to go and I will be done my probationary period. I hope nothing else happens because regardless of the day I had I do enjoy my new job.
AND!!! I have to send out a Happy Birthday to Justin!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gilford again

Gilford's funeral was a sad ending to his life. When Simon got home from work, we had brought the little fish tank out of Declan's room and called Dex over. Simon had explained to Declan that Gilford was not moving or swimming anymore so that mean that he had died. Declan was kind of confused and had commented on the colour of the fish had changed. The next part was a little bit heart breaking. It came to the time to take the fish out of the tank and flush it. Declan had said that he wanted Gilford to stay in the tank. It was then explained that the fish could not longer stay in the tank because his body was not meant to last in there. It had to be flushed. A tear was shed. I think it was mine. The 3 boys went to the bathroom for the funeral flush. Declan insisted that he do it. Once flushed, the realization of what death meant came to Declan and he needed a hug and a tissue from daddy.
I was glad that Declan understands what death is, it saves from it being an issue when he is older and maybe more saddened by the act. He understands and he knows that life goes on. We had dinner and then rushed out to the pet store for a new fish. He named it Gilford again. Declan picked a fish that looks just like Gilford Sr. Gilford again was officially put in the little tank this morning. The water that I had purified for the tank last night didn't cool off in time to put things together last night so I did it first thing this morning so when Declan woke up Gilford was swimming happily in his tank. Declan even had a morning chat with his new friend. He even insisted that he fed him himself this morning.
All is well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

goodbye gilford

Declan's first pet fish has died. I just found him a few minutes ago. I was a little unsure of how to let him know. Should I just go and find him a new one that looks similar and pretend nothing happened??? Or should we tell him and see how he reacts and do the funeral flush???
I am not a good candidate for moving anything that is dead so after a call to Simon he had suggested fishing him out, explaining to Declan that he has died and then if he wants to replace him we can head out to the pet store and get him a new one. I am waiting for Simon to get home to do the dirty work.
I hope he takes it well.