Monday, September 8, 2008

New pets...

  I rescued two little salamanders yesterday.  I was starting my shift and was one of the first people there.  I was walking to a different department to put something away that was out of its place on my desk.  Fortunately for me there was no one near cause I let out a really girlie scream when I saw it.  There was this little lizard thing crawling across the aisle.  I couldn't really tell what it was at this point cause it had so many dust bunnies and so much dirt on it that it was hard to see what it actually was.  I walked closer to it and saw that is was a little cute salamander.  Not really little in salamander terms cause it is actually about 7 inches long.  Sure is cute.  I cleaned him off and put him in a bucket with some water and a rock.  I also grabbed a bit of greenery for it.  Someone later found another one and put  them together.  They actually snuggled it was cute.  I really wasn't sure if I was going to keep them, it was something I had to run by Simon first.  And by this time I had a few people interested in keeping them if I didn't.  Simon was excited to have some insect eating pets so we got to keep them.  One of them is going to another home as soon as she can get a tank together for it.  So far no names have been given.  We came up with the name Juan for the one I am going to keep but it isn't really set.  We did have a little chuckle about calling him Juan Solo.  Declan wants to call him Lizard.  
  Will keep you posted with pictures soon.