Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here it is, my commitment to 2008.
The first thing I am going to do is go back to the gym and get back on my diet. I have gained back most of the weight I lost just before Cuba.
I am going to stop buying crap. I spend a lot of money on stuff, just stuff. That might be why there is so much clutter in my kitchen.
Also I am going to get up early and get ready first thing. I find I get more done when I am up and ready.
So, that is my plan, what is yours???

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prepare yourself. you are going to want to move in

Here they are, the pics of our new basement.Above is the stairs heading into the glorious new space. On the left there you can see a tiny bit of wall that still needs some work. That is up to us. It was a add on that we never had in the contract but Phillip covered up some really bad drywall there and we just have to paint it.

The entrance to my scrapbooking room. It is really cluttered because the counter top is late. The laminate that he had ordered was cracked when he went to pick it up. So, this room is not complete but I have really needed to use it for some Christmas projects that I have been working on. The stuff on the left is going. The table end to the right of the closet is going and of course that table will be gone. I plan to have a fold out underneath that window for company.

My temporary workspace until the counter top comes in. Hopefully tomorrow but we are heading south for a few days so I won't really get to enjoy it. Besides I am done my stuff for now.

My storage space and wall cut out. I can watch Simon on the computer through there. that little bit of light you see on the right there through the cut out is Simon's office. I will send out the fished pic when that is done and organized.

The entrance to the laundry/bath room.

That is Simon's little showering space and the rest of the bathroom Oh, and Jango sniffing the garbage. I think he is after my empty coffee cup. He likes lattes too.

This is the start of Simon's office. Everything has been just kind of "placed" in there for now. We are still planning what it is going to look like. We are also going to be putting some bunk beds in there for guests.

That is where I am sitting now. We are hoping to find a desk that will fit all of our stuff on it soon.

The media area. There is a couch behind and to the right of me and the TV is to the left. That little black mark on the coffee table is from a t-light I left burning on there years ago. We plan to cover that table in tiles. It has been around longer than I have.

Then the kids play area.

there is still a lot we have to do before it is complete. As far as filling it with all of the stuff still in the garage and getting functional pieces of furniture. It is a cozy little place for us now. unfortunately we have been too darn busy to enjoy it yet. It is a bit bigger than it is coming through here and the new windows bring in so much light. I sure do like it down here now. You wouldn't get me down here after dark before.
So, when are you going to come and see it for yourself??? I can't wait to have my first basement guests.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paid forward

Finally I was able to pay it forward this morning. A few months ago I was going through a Second cup drive through and as I was given my order the staff member excitedly told me that the previous lady paid for me. I was touched. I was in such a hurry to catch up to the lady's car that I didn't even think that I could have paid for the person behind me. I did manage to catch up to her at a red light but she didn't look my way. I was about to honk but the light changed and she drove off. I was done with the chase. I have been through the same drive through a few times but no one has ever pulled up behind me. I was pretty excited to see a few cars in the line when I got there. It left a large possibility that there would be enough time for someone to pull in and the fact that it might just be coffee break time. It was my turn to pull up to the window and yet no one behind me. The window lady was a bit slow in getting to the window and for once I was thankful for slow service because just as she was handing me my muffins a gold intrepid pulled up behind me. Then it took a few minutes for my non fat medium butter pecan latte to be ready. I had to ask for another muffin because Declan didn't like the banana nut one, he wanted the apple cinnamon one he heard me order. It was supposed to be for Christine so I gave him hers and got Christine a new one ( We were on our way to her house). Then it was time to pay. I had told her that I wanted to buy the lady behind me a coffee and the window lady must get this often because she was pretty stoic about it. When it happened to me the window lady was so excited to be there.
I was able to get a look at the face of the woman I was buying a coffee for and it was kind of cool, it was like I had just bought my mom a coffee. She was about the same age and same hair color. My mom doesn't drive a gold intrepid, she drives a white 96 Bonneville or a grey classic 76 Lincoln Continental. They are all about the same size though.
It was a load off my back to be able to pay it forward and no longer feel like I was slacking in that department.
I know you are wondering how long it is going to be before we post new pics of the basement. They are coming, I don't know yet how to get the pics off the new camera so as soon as Simon gets that done for me I will post that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HELLO its me is that you???

I am finally back online. Our computer was taking a holiday for almost a week and left me feeling like I was stuck in a cave. It really gave me the feeling like life was going on without me. Simon brought home his laptop for me a few times so I can "scratch that itch".
On top of it all I have been battling a pretty serious head cold. Tavish caught it first and I really don't know where it came from. Then it was my turn. Declan caught it on the weekend and seemed to get it the worst. Fortunately he was the first to recover from it. I don't know which I would prefer. If I would have it less severe for twice as long or a serious case for a brief period. I think it would depend on what I had to get done. So far I haven't gotten much done anyway.
We have received so many Christmas cards already and I still have to do mine. I think I will start mine in June next year.
The basement is in limbo for the next few days. The carpet comes on Thursday but we are still waiting for the counter tops for both the bathroom and craft room. They were supposed to be here last week but there has been a delay. We are pretty much just waiting for something to happen.
It is just the beginning to the Christmas shenanigans though. Friday I have a nail appointment in preparations for Simon's Christmas party. I still have to adjust the straps on the new dress I bought for it. I have to figure out how I am going to do my hair. There is also a Christmas open house that afternoon at a friends house. Sunday is the kids Christmas party for Simon's work. Then Sunday night we have plans. That is all I am going to say because it has something to do with Simon's birthday on Tuesday.
Somewhere between now and Christmas we have to get our basement together, and parties out of the way, presents wrapped and travel 5.5 hours south to my folks place. I think I should invest in a whole swack of chocolate covered espresso beans to get me going.
The joy of the holidays :o)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

You can almost see it

Here is the latest of the basement renos.

above is the view of the stairs, my office and on the left at the bottom of the stairs is the storage room that we aren't doing anything to. the other door on the left is the bathroom.

above is going to be the media area. There will be a pretty window there once we get it. The window guy is taking his time getting it to us. This space looks a lot longer and skinnier than it is.

above is my office space. Complete with desk and counter top for scrapbooking. notice the wall cut out so I can keep an eye on what the kids are doing. Also notice the door that I can close to keep the kids out. Muah ha ha.

This it the pretty window in Simon's office. We will have one exactly like it in the media area. Damn window guy.

So there it is. I probably won't send out more pictures until it is done. It won't be changing much now until the carpet is in. DECEMBER 13 WOOOHOOO!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

borrowed Idea

I think Simon did this once. I know I have seen it on a few blogs and now I am going to share 10 things about me.

1. I often call my husband to help me with the computer.

2. I can't bring myself to wash the inside back window of my car. It still has nose prints from my dog Farley that we gave away last winter.

3. I still cry when I think about Farley

4. I collect pens. ( It makes my husband crazy)

5. I know how to install siding and
eaves trough on a house. I even know how to install soffit and fascia but most people don't know what that is.

6. I would rather clean a toilet than do the dishes by hand.

7. I love to wear heavy eye makeup. I would wear it heavier than I do if I were going out if I knew how to apply it. However, heavy to me is light to some.

8. I will inform a total stranger that their fly is undone, that they have a visible booger or if they have something in their teeth. I mean I would want to know. Wouldn't you???

9. I am afraid of ghosts but think vampires are cool.

10. I broke my
pinkie finger 9 years ago. I wiped out when I was roller blading.

There now you know :o)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuba pics

I am finally getting around to posting some Cuba pics. In no particular order though cause I don't have that kind of patients.
I call this one first pic "circle of friends". Haha. Get it???

In the pool with my hubby

Topless in the ocean. We were really far away from her so that is how I am sure I was able to take this picture. There were other topless bathers but not at all picture worthy. No, really.

This is my sister and Rui. We were hoping they would hook up but didn't. I know it looks promising in this picture but they are both the gotta get to know them people. They have actually spent some time together since Cuba.

In the pool with Monique. Different Monique that the one talked about in my recent post. I know how many people do you know with two friends named Monique???

I love this picture of Monique and Andre. I think they are going to kiss "snicker"

Girls at the pool. Julie is enjoying her breasts.

James and Kelli. They were the ones who invited Rui.

This is actually the first day in the sun. As I said... No particular order. Notice my un tan. hahaha
My pretty sister and her friend Julie.

On the beach again. A little different colour in the skin from the previous one.

My handsome hubby on the beach

The hermit crab I found.

I just received a CD from Andre with more pictures on it so I will have to have a look and share those ones too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

lets get on with it already...

I am really done with the vacation thing. Yes, we were back last weekend from Cuba but Simon is still on holidays. IT IS SCREWING WITH MY SCHEDULE!!! He will be back from Toronto in a few hours and I am planning to leave him with the kids for a few hours so I can just go away. I don't know how single mothers do it or wives with husbands that are gone for work. I guess they just do it because they have to.
I want my schedule back. I need to get back to the routine that I miss so much. I have gained back8 out if the 16 lbs that I lost but still planned to lose another 10 so that takes me back to 18 lbs. Maybe it will happen before Christmas. That might be ambitious. At least with Simon home I will be actually cooking healthy dinners and not just eating what my kids are having. I will be heading to the gym again which I have not done since the week before Cuba.
Does it sound bad that I want my husband back so he can go back to work???

Sunday, November 11, 2007


It is Sunday and I have a tonne of things I want to get done before Tuesday. I have my washer and dryer hooked up only till then, then the drywallers are coming and will be disconnecting them again so they can work in that room. I also have some workshops I need to prepare for for next weekend and one the following weekend. If I want to pull everything out of the corner it is placed in and haul it all up to the kitchen I could do it that way. I prefer to work on it in my soon to be finished basement on a portable table close to where it is being stored. If I want to it this way, I will have to get my ass in gear and do it so I can pack it all up again for Tuesday morning so the workers can do their job. The rest of the house needs to be cleaned. Beds made, dishes done, vacuuming, dusting and so on.
And here I am on the computer...
On the bright side. Granny and grandpa have picked up the boys for a morning coffee and afternoon nap. I really can't get much done with Tav around cause as soon as he sees me getting involved in anything but him he will be sure to do something that will need my attention. Declan is easy. He entertains himself...mostly.
My plan... To get as much done with the boys gone as possible. What I don't get done today I will finish when Simon gets home tomorrow and he can help...
So, here I go... gettin things done...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'll pull through

Simon is gone... He left yesterday. He is in Toronto for a Guy Gavriel Kay book thing. It has turned into an annual thing. I really think he goes to see Paula more that Guy but oh well...
So far so good. I have mentioned in another post that I am always paranoid that I will fall and crack my head open when Simon is gone from town. I worry cause there will be no one around for days to notice and my kids will be in the house with my dead body fending for themselves until someone notices their teary scared faces in the window . Or Simon comes home. Which ever happens first....
Yesterday I got up and stayed in my PJ's all day. So did the kids. We went no where and did nothing all day. Today when I got up I had breakfast and fed the kids and phoned Christine. I invited her over to play. Christine has a little boy just one month older (and one on the way shhh only about 5 weeks) than Tavish. His name is Jayden and he is almost as cute as Tav is. I phoned and invited them over cause I had the feeling that I would just stay in my PJ's all day again and eat all the leftover Halloween candy if I was left alone to it. So, we shared it. It also gave me incentive to clean up a little since I only made sure the dishes were done yesterday.
So, now all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do for the rest of the weekend and half of Monday. I do at some point need to pick up some groceries. I am officially out of Soy milk and the only vegetables I have in the house are potatoes. I think I might go to the mall and pick up the lulu lemon hoody I have been eyeballing for a few months. I might even head to the carpet place and look around there. It would be a great place to let the kids run wild, they can't really get hurt in a carpet store can they???

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PLEASE... just go away

There is this woman I met in prenatal class when I was pregnant with Declan. We weren't really friends until after Declan was born but before her son was born. She sent me an email just a few weeks before her son was born. Anyways, we never really got together, we would just talk on the phone or chat over email. She seemed pretty normal.
Simon had taken Declan to her son's first birthday. It would have been the first time either one of us had physically seen her since prenatal class. Still, I hadn't actually gotten together with her.
I had gone to HER birthday party when I was about a month from having Tavish. It was 2 years since I had actually seen her in person. Her 2nd son was born just 3 weeks after Tavish and I had taken Tavish in with me to visit her in the hospital. This would have been the 2nd time I had seen her in person.
Needless to say we weren't really great friends. We were acquaintances and it was barely. I had sent along an invite to an open house workshop of mine. She replied that she would come and bring her 2 friends. Both I had met briefly at functions at her house. And oddly one that I had run into during a late night crop night ( a scrap booking term).
I had hit it off with her friends quite well. I had no idea that my life was about to regress a decade. I was accused of stealing her friends. Simply because I had to get orders to them, we started chatting and so on.
One year ago this month I had actually told her to not call me again. I was not going to put up with someone who couldn't get past the high school stage. I have become quite good friends with Christine ( yes the on who has a day home). Christine has had the same problems. But this woman will not go away. The very next day since telling her to not call me, she did. She had called and asked me if I was feeling better because I was a bit grouchy the previous day. I was shocked!!! I couldn't believe that after all I had said to her that she would call me.
So, after all of my efforts to rid myself of this person, she is still in my life. She calls me a few times a week, it will depend on my mood if I answer or not. If I don't answer it just encourages her to call more until she gets me. It is always with the same things. "did you talk to Christine today?? Did she say anything about me?? how many times this week have you talked to her??? who called who???
I know what you are thinking. Just tell her to shut up. Well, I have. I have had the go away, don't call me, I want nothing to do with you conversation with her at least 5 times. If I had said to ANYONE the things I had said to her, they would hate me and never forgive me. Not her. She calls the next day to see if you are still mad at her. Christine's husband actually went to her house and told her and her husband that she is not to call there. She still does.
I don't know what to do with this woman. I just received an email from her on facebook and she was complaining about my profile picture. It is of me and Christine and another friend. It was the three of us out for a ladies night. She had actually shown up after a wedding. In the message she asks if I am trying to taunt her with the photo. I guess she feels like I have nothing else going on but to piss her off. I had told her that I thought she was the one who took the photo with Christine's camera. She comes back with " no I wasn't invited as usual". I just replied that if she sharpened her memory a bit, we actually did a shooter together that night.
No comment back. I will probably get a call from her at 7:30 in the morning asking me what I meant by that comment and that it hurt her feelings.
Well, if you had stuck through this post long enough to get to this sentence, you are a very patient person and I thank you for sticking around. It was the email from her that threw me off the edge. No one to vent to right now but you.
Advice anyone???

Friday, October 19, 2007


My Husband is a true humanitarian. He was off early yesterday (don't tell his boss) so he did some productive "stuff" around the house. One of the things on his to do list was the recycling. Once he got back he had told me that there was a line up for the bottle depot and didn't want to wait to do that. So the great and inpatient guy he is, he just gave the bag of mostly juice boxes to someone waiting in line.
He made a point to tell me that he gave the bag to the guys with the most crappiest car.
Doesn't that make you want give him the ol nudge on the shoulder and say "good for you"...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't get it...

I don't get the way some people think when they go to the gym... The first thing i don't get is the race to find the closest parking spot... Um, you are going to work out. Then, there are the people that take the elevator and then go on the treadmill.
I enjoy going to the step classes. The instructors are great. Lots of energy and personality, lots of fun. There are a few ladies that come and take the class but do totally different things than the instructor. It is really distracting. Why come to a class if you are going to do your own thing??? I keep thinking to myself, " If the class isn't good enough for you, why don't you teach it then".
I think my biggest pet peeve is when I go and have a great workout, I leave the gym feeling all good about my self, step out the doors right into a cloud of cigarette smoke. I just don't get it. Why are you working out, trying to look and feel better then leaving to have a cigarette, you just undid all the good stuff you did to your insides...
I know how addicting smoking is, I smoked for 13 years. I am not putting it down or trying to offend anyone but if you could only know how much better you would feel if you didn't do it. However, the problem I have is. I just had a workout, I am going home and I walk into a cloud of cigarette smoke. Can you wait until you are in a more open spot than right at the door, you might as well be blowing it right into my face.
anyway, that is my beef.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A favorite

I love Calvin and Hobbes, especially all the snowmen ones that get emailed at Christmas time. The first time I read this one, I really wished I could reach in and give him a hug.

I really hope my kids never feel this way, I am sure they will. I think about this episode when I find I am at my wits end with Declan some days and I always find my patient side. I bet you have the urge to hug your kids after reading this. I do.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I forgot about this

I had just remembered that I promised you guys a game of " Who's the biggest pervert". Well, let's get it started.
There is room for 6 players. I will give one week for anyone to give me their email address and then I will explain the set up and rules. So, deadline for sign up is Saturday, October 6.
As promised we will play through direct e-mail and it will be only through game members only. If you have any suggestions please make them to me before "game day".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

fun little games...

I was gone for one hour yesterday ONE HOUR. I get home to find a note taped to my door. THE GREN WAS HERE. I am assuming out of most of the people who still read my blog ( even after much negligence on my part) most of you know who the Gren is. I read the note, there was more than just " THE GREN WAS HERE", however, Simon has it somewhere no doubt pressed in a book.
At first I was disappointed that I had missed a visitor. It is a great break in my day as most stay at home moms will know. I was sad thinking that I had missed a visit from someone who lived very far away and made a special attempt to " drop by". Then I was relieved for two reasons. 1) the state of my house at the time 2) I would probably have panicked a bit with a strange man at my door claiming to be " The Gren". I have no idea what "The Gren" looks like. I would have probably been a panicked stricken mother and simply panic that a stranger is at my house who says he knows me and wants to come in. Would that not freak anyone else out???
The fun part about all of it was that he was no where near my house but had met a couple from my city a month back at a wedding. Being the creative man he is, wrote the note and sent it back with instructions to tape it to the door of the said address.
In conclusion, it was some excitement to my day to try and piece together the mystery, and there was some relief that I hadn't missed a visitor from a land far far away. Even though I still looked a bit like an ass, it was probably less that the song and dance I would have done trying to get the stranger to prove to me who he was before inviting him in for tea.
Very good timing as well, actually getting here in the hour that I was gone that day.
Thanks for the fun...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

led astray

Since my last posting I have only lost 4 more lbs. I was a bit disappointed since the first week was so great. I half expected the weight to just "fall" off. Still that is 13 lbs in 3 weeks so I will take it. I still don't really notice a difference but Simon has assured me that there is. Thanks Honey :o). However I am not discouraged ( well maybe a bit) but the logical side of me says that it could be a plateau or it could just be leveling out since it happened so fast in the beginning. I still have just under 3 weeks left of the cleanse and then I am not sure what but 6.5 weeks till Cuba!!!!!
On a happier note Tavish has sort of given up the soother. I put him down for a nap without it last week and he didn't really fuss. There was a bit of whining for about five minutes and then he fall asleep. Tavish does seem to miss it, he asks for a bottle at times when he doesn't get one and he has been waking up unusually early like 5:40 am this morning. I think he is waking up looking for it to go back to sleep and once he realizes it isn't there he is upset. Just a bit longer and he will have forgotten it all together it is just getting through till nap time since he is a bit cranky from being up so early.

Friday, August 24, 2007

That can't be right.

I first became interested in holistic therapy when Tavish had had his second Urinary tract infection by the age of four months. I was in a health food store looking for some baby massage oil that my massage therapist recommended. As I was consulting with the lady managing the store at the time, we got on the topic of Tavish's health. She said go to a naturopathic Dr. So I did. I found my Dr. in the Yellowpages and made the call. I was really happy to find a Doctor who had a son only one week older that Tavish was so was comfortable discussing my sons health with him cause he knew what a baby at that age demanded.
After a few months of Dr.s suggestions and supplements we had taken Tavish to a urologist. We had met her and went over the history and she was surprised that with Tav's history that he had not had another recurrence but since there weren't any we had put all the invasive tests aside, we would do the tests only if there were another occurrence. Haven't been back to see her.
This appointment that I had with the Dr. was the first for me. I had planned to see him a long long long time ago but having the demands of 2 kids delayed it. However I am so glad I had gone in and do wish that I had gone sooner.
Since following the Dr.s advise about diet and supplements I have lost 9lbs in 5 days... It can't be right. I did use his scale both times and that is what it is telling me. I don't notice a difference but hope to soon. I can't wait to see what the next week shows.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 weeks till holidays

So again it has been a while since my last posting, I thank all of you for hanging on.
I have been trying to lose 20 lbs for a while now and not doing well. I finally went to see my Naturopath for some help and advice. I was a bit discouraged when he weighed me and my 20 lbs turned to 30. sigh... How can just getting on a scale at 10 lbs.
However he did tell me "scales are for fish" I almost kissed him. I held back for a few reasons... His idea is the same as mine that scales are for tracking your success only, not to determine how you look.
So, starting tomorrow I am detoxifying and cleansing, I will also be taking some suggested supplements for some muscle stress in my foot and shoulder. Apparently those with chronic pain are not all that successful with weight loss. I will also be going in for some acupuncture treatments to help with those.
I know a lot of people who are sceptical with holistic practices but this guy cured Tavish of his Urinary tract infections, hasn't had one since being treated by Dr. Richmond. So I am a believer.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

How rude of me

I really must apologise for the lack of postings. Also with the lack of postings comes the lack of reading of other blogs. I will blame it on just being busy. The truth is I still spend a lot of time on facebook. I am at the computer ten times a day you would think I would be able to find something to post about. I simply forget. I have come downstairs a few times to get something or to change loads 0f laundry and I think hmm I will check my messages. I check my messages and forget why I was down here in the first place. Also it is summer time, I am sure when the weather turns cooler there will be more time to spend on facebook oops I mean more time to think about blogging.
I must apologise to the anonymous reader that noticed I had forgotten to spellcheck last post. I do it often and since my fingers can be a bit dyslexic when I type I truly need to check before I post. There are always red underlines all over the place when I finish a post and I think I usually do check. I just get excited to pop out a blog that taking that extra step fails to enter my mind. Also, I don't proofread cause I am lazy. I also don't really care much about sentence structure and grammar and stuff like that because I am not sure if I remember all of the rules. So, for those of you who are into the Art of writing proper sentences and paragraphs good for you, I simply am not.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A drop in the bucket

We have finally started our home ronovations. It is only a bit of landscaping for now, almost a full retaining wall in the garden is up. But it is just a drop in the bucket.
We have a whole basement that needs to be done. When we first bought our house the basement was concidered partially finished. When we moved in, it became unfinished. We ripped out old shag carpet, swag lamps not to mention wall and wall panelling. So, the first thing we are doing it installing 2 48x24 windows in the basement where there are no windows. Then there will be framing, drywalling, electrical, plumbing, carpeting. We decided to save ourselves some money in the painting department, pretty much the only area we feel we are compitent in. However it will be soooo worth it having the extra living space and some natural light in the basement. AND a place for our guests so they don't have to tent it in the backyard when they visit ( we haven't resorted to that YET). The price tag is hefty but It is like getting a whole other house built on. All of that extra square footage we haven't been using will have actual function. I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That don't impress me much

Today I took the kids for a walk. It was a great day sunny, no wind, just warm enough not too hot. Behind me I hear a car squeel out onto the street so already I am thinking "idoit". I notice a car slow down bsedie me so I have a look and there are two guys in a shiny new Mustang convertable with really loud music. I get the "how you doin" nod and then they squeel off down the street.
First of all who squeals their tires on purpose thinking it impresses people??? Then there is the loud music.. They are listening to "I like to move it move it". Not a bad song, good base but Declan dances and sings to that song. So, It impressed me as much as if someone was trying to seduce me with the looney tunes theme song. So I think to myself. What is the point?? Here is 30 something woman pushing 2 kids in a stroller in the middle of the afternoon. Chances are I am not available. What would possess two knuckle draggers to slow down enough to get my attention and do the Joey nod???? I just shook my head..

However what did impress me was half a block down. A cute guy on a tractor mower. He sees me coming, smiles at me, stops, turns off the motor, smiles at my kids, waits until we have pass and then starts up his motor and continues on with his work.

If maybe they were in a 66 shiny Mustang convertable, lisening to something that is now on the top 40 stopped to cooo over my kids. Also not to mention driving the speed limit not wasting rubber on the blacktop. I may be thinking a little differently.

Would I have said the same thing a decade ago when "real 2 real" was in the top 40???

Monday, June 25, 2007


This is actually a bucket for mega blocks Tavish Decided would make a great vehicle

Breakfast at the Frasers

No caption necessary

He was able to get this hands on this cluster of grapes and just picked them off one by one. It was really quite adorable to see.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interpreter PLEASE!!!

I love getting comments from fellow blog readers. I like most look forward to people commenting on my life. Really, If I didn't want any comments, I wouldn't have a blog. Apologies for being so far and between posts lately but man, I have lots of stuff to get done.
So, I had a comment of my last post and um well, read for your self.

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Can someone please tell me what Rodrigo has said.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I will take full responsibility

A long time friend of my husbands that I met almost instanly when we were dating. A girl I had just met and thought was adorable. All I did was exchange their email addresses. This is how it ended up or should I say this is how it starting.

Jeff and Michell June 16 2007
Simon had just finished being inappropriate when they took this picture. They were printing off pictures for the guest book at the door.
The bride and groom have their first dance
Me and Char....Not sure what we were doing...

Last pic of the night!!!

I can say that if it weren't for me, it wouldn't of happened. Truly, all I did was bring two people together who deserve eachother. They did all the hard work like taking the risk to trust someone, putting in all the hard work it takes to make a realationship and letting love happen.

To Jeff and Michelle


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Converstations with Dex

Me: I love you
Declan: "big smile"
Me: Do you know what that means??
Declan:"big smile"
Me:It means that you are the most amazing thing in my life
Declan:'Plays with my hair"
Me: give Declan a kiss on the cheek
Declan:I had a slurpee today
Me: yes you sure did

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Here is a picture that Declan drew of Jango last night.
most impressive I would say.
Since he is 3 and all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Finally the day has come where I can take the kids for a walk and not have to worry about wind, rain or cold. What a long time coming it has been.
I took the kids for a lengthy walk this afternoon. I usually will just go to the park or the store, there is usually a destination 'cause I am just not sure how long the weather will hold up. How nice. I really noticed the smells of everything, the trees, freshly cut grass, flower beds, I even smelled the air freshener wafting out of a car parked on the curb. The one thing that surprised me today was a small group of people passed, The kind of group where everyone says "hi" and a comment on how cute your kids are and look how smiley the one in the back is. When they passed I smelled a smell that I hadn't smelled in a long time. American cigarettes. I am an ex smoker, I quit about6 years ago when I met my husband. I didn't quit because he asked me to, I quit almost accidentally. Since Simon is somewhat allergic and just doesn't like the smell or the habit, I was cutting back. I didn't smoke around him, I wouldn't smoke if I were going to see him. I actually remember my last cigarette, I was on my way to work and noticed that it was the last in the pack. Thought I should maybe stop and get a new one. I didn't feel like it I thought well , the next time I want one I will go and get some then. I never did.
However when I caught the whiff of an American cigarette I thought " It probably would have been a lot harder were I an American". Not only that but I love the smell of cigars. I would probably burn a cigar as incense if they were laying around the house.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

evil plots for punishing teens

On the news the other day was a mom who's son had gotten aggressive with a teacher. Enter the proactive mom. We will call her mom the brave. So, mom the brave punished her son by strapping a sign to his back saying something like " I am being punished for a bad decision", and his chore was to clean up trash. The story was, the boy and teacher were goofing around but it got carried away and the teacher ended up in a headlock. The reporter said that the boy was apparently a good kid and no track record of aggression but the school felt the situation needed to be taken seriously and I believe he was suspended for a few days. You could see on his face that he was not impressed.
I am quite impressed at the mothers pro activeness. I think that there is not enough of making kids accountable these days. However I do think the sign was a bit much but the gutter cleaning-AWESOME. I can't wait to put my kids to task when they have been naughty.
I have on my side two friends who work with the local city police and I know if either one of my kids need some kind of reality check, they will be happy to help. We have already discussed a few methods. One being taking them into the cells and seeing what happens to the bad guys. The second was along the lines of a lecture which I think would be less effective.
I like the idea of the chores. Give them chores that no-one wants to do. (1) Cleaning dog poop duty for our home and any0ne else we know who has a dog for one week. (2) mowing the lawns of the neighborhood. (3) helping the Seniors of the neighborhood with household tasks.
However I am thinking way ahead of myself, my kids are angels and always will be.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Sorry all for neglecting my updates. I have some time parasites keeping me away from this duty. One being Facebook. Yep, I ma one of those. I have had the account for some time now but just recently I have been doing the find your lost friends thing.
I moved away from my home town about 7 years ago and never really looked back. I wasn't all that interested in keeping contact with too many people and the ones that I held some importance to me just kind of faded out. So, thanx to facebook, I have found some really cool "old" friends. I am actually sad that I haven't been in contact for so many years cause I do miss them.
Also I am hosting a garage sale here this weekend. It has been a lot of work setting up and the weather isn't really all that favorable but what I don't sell I am bringing over to a Friends garage sale next weekend so I got to be rid of some of it.
Speaking of time parasites, I hate to admit it but Tavish has been glued to me. Especially in the morning. I can't put him down or break physical contact with him without him melt down in front of me. I think it might be a growth spurt since he is having his morning nap at 9:30 instead of 11:30. I hope it ends soon.
thanxs for holding on.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring cleaned

ahhhhh, clean.
Monday, my cleaning lady and I went all out on the kitchen. Cleaned the cupboards in and out, she got my stove sparkling ( and it is an old stove ), anything that was in my kitchen was cleaned. It is so nice. She was supposed to come back yesterday to do the windows and walls but a girlfriend of mine said save yourself some money, I will come over and help you.
So I cancelled the cleaning lady and Christine came over and washed the walls in the dining area, the front entrance, the living room and hallway. I cleaned the windows and tracks. I keep noticing how good my yard looks now that I can see it through my kitchen window. I had to look a few times out the window in the dining area cause it looked like something was missing....... The dirt.
So, now I am going to do some spring sorting to get ready for the garage sale this next weekend. I have never hosted a garage sale before so I am sure I will be annoyed with it by the time it is over and not want to do it again, but for now I am really excited about it.
I love a clean house
I love friends that like to clean
I love my husband for keeping the kids occupied while we cleaned.
It is a beautiful day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Still blushing

Saturday was hectic. We were getting the house ready for Declans birthday party. Neither of the kids would eat their breakfast. Tavish was whining all morning and would not go down for his nap. Declan started whining because of this or that. He was just hungry but to excited to eat. Tavish was crying in his crib, still not going for a nap. I stated to Simon "I have to leave". He replies " I think that is a good idea". So, not showered cause I didn't have time yet, I get dressed. I had on the oldest clothes I think I have had knowing that I was going to change into something else when I had gotten the shower thing out of the way. I didn't bother with underwear since I felt them superfluous at the time ( an extra few seconds to put them on-not Worth it) put on a baseball cap and left.
I went to pick up stuff for the goody bags. I never do goody bags I find them a waste. Whenever I get them it usually turns into something for the trash unless there is chocolate in it. Then it is just mine. but anyway I went to get stuff or goody bags since I couldn't think of what else to do in my escape.
I was gone for about 1/2 and hour and Tav was still whining in his crib but I got to shop so I felt better. He eventually went to sleep and I started stuffing "things" into the goody bags and felt a draft. I checked, yep, my zipper was down. I felt all of the blood rush to my face and said out loud OMG!!!!! Remember the lack of underwear I was wearing???
I really hope I didn't give anyone a peep. It still makes me blush when I think about it.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

all about the pacifier

After a few comments on a previous post I thought I would give you a bit o info.
Did you know that people have been using pacifiers since before the birth of Christ? Royalty in ancient Egypt would use pacifiers carved out of marble.
Pacifiers calm babies by helping them practice the only known skill they have. Sucking. It is the only instinct that naturally comes to them. That is why they work. They only know how to do one thing when they are born. Crying also helps to soothe babies but they can do that on their own. Pooping is just a body function but I bet that sure helps to soothe a baby too.
Also soothers ( pacifiers) help with digestion. I am not sure how it works but they can help with gas and constipation. It encourages digestion.
I believe the dependence on soothers is different for every baby. I have heard people say that a child has a soother way to long because of the parents. In some cases I agree. I would have totally agreed with this if you were to ask me before we had our dear Tavish. Declan never really used a soother. By 5 months it just became a play thing. Tavish is now 14 months and is still quite dependant on it especially for going to sleep. I wish we could just throw the thing out but it would make for a really long day. That is why I say it is different for each baby. Two kids, same family and they have had a pretty similar babyhood ( did I just make up a new word???) but one child was completely non dependant on a soother and the other is dependant on it.
I do think that when you see a four year old out with a soother in its mouth, that is when you gotta think hmmm do they really need it? or does it just need to be taken away?
I am hoping by 18 months to take it away, I plan to do it gradually. But we will see. I had planned to have him sleeping on his own by 1 and that is not working.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

You asked for it

Okay, here are the rest of the pics you requested.
I love this one of Dex, he is such a handsome guy.
classic naked with diaper pose
tee hee
I call this one "The secret" Declan did this all on his own. We were thinking of what other poses to do and he just scooted over and gave Tav a kiss.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

pics part 1

Here are some pics of the boys I had done a few weeks ago. There are several different poses so I am not going to show you all on one post. I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with their cuteness.The boys together

Tav's 1st year pic

I love feet!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

no guilt tonight

Tonight is the fist time in 10 days that Tavish has gone to bed without crying. Yep, we resorted to the Ferber method again, last resort. The waking in the middle of the night and trying to snuggle a baby that does not stop moving got old. So, for his 2 naps and bedtime he was settled down with a bit of a rock in the gliding rocking chair, with some light humming and finally being placed in the crib with a few back rubs and a good bye.
I am not sure if it is the start of a trend or just luck. I got home from the gym at about 8:30, Simon, Declan and my mother-in-law were all sitting in the living room and I asked if Tav was sleeping. I received a "sounds like it." He had just gone down. So, I peeked in and he was laying in his crib eyes open sucking on his soother. Then he switched soothers. Somewhere in his crib he hid a spare. He can have 80 soothers in his crib if it will keep him from crying himself to sleep. Bed time is the only time he gets a soother so I really don't mind if he has a dependency on it for now.
I checked in on Tav again about 5 minutes later and he was laying down eyes open watching his little crib music thing that straps on the side go around and around. Still switching soothers. Not crying, yay success. 5 minutes later he was out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the worst be over. I HATE listening to my poor baby cry.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maybe I am just insesitive

I just finished the book "The time travellers wife" and I was warned that is was a very emotional read. Um not really. I will adjust my filter now because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who plans to read it.
It was an amazing book. I had fallen asleep a few times with book in hand. I didn't want to put it down. The only other books that I have looked forward to going to bed early to read was the Outlander series from Diana Gibaldon - AMAZING.
I don't know if it is because books are something I am reading, consciously I know it is a story that someone had come up with on paper. Same with movies I rarely cry watching movies. I can't remember when I ever have. Accept for Bambi when I was seven, I balled my eyes out and embarrassed my sister. Maybe that is why I don't cry at movies. I will admit however, I am a snotty mess some morning watching the news. So back to my theory that it is because of the whole reality thing. I should find my self a novel based on a true story, maybe then I will get the real feelings that I feel I should out of it.
Oh, I remember the last movie I shed a tear, it was Cars when McQueen pushed The King over the finish line so he could finish his last race. I guess I will throw my whole real theory out the window.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tav's 1st haircut

Tavish got his first haircut today. I figured it would be over the top to video it so I just took some pictures. He did really good, it was just when I was close to him that he wanted me to take him out of that damn chair ( it was actually a tractor that he was sitting in). The cut was done by Audrey, the lady at the local children's hair cutting place. She is the only one I take the kids to.

getting familiar with the clippers
kind of the end results
Enjoying the sucker he received for being such a good boy