Thursday, March 29, 2007

its all about the ladies

Simon is the main grocery shopper in our house, I always thought it was cause he has the money to buy them. Or maybe it is because if it were me doing the grocery shopping I would come home with half the store.
The other night, Simon had plans to go for groceries, I had plans to go to the gym. I had asked him if he was planning to go before or after the gym, he was thinking he would just go and take the boys ( He will usually take Declan and leave Tavish with me). I was concerned that he may just be doing it to give me some mom time away so I asked him if he was good with that, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't too much of a handful for him. So he replies that since Dex is older he likes to take Tav with him because Dex no longer gets the cute baby stares from the ladies. Declan is still cute and people admire him, but Tav is baby cute and gets the smiles and stares as well as the adoration from the ladies.
Maybe I will start getting the groceries from now on, wear a really low cut shirt with a push up bra and then we will see who gets the smiles and stares.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sorry folks, the comment factory was on strike.
It is up and running now.
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What to do

Yesterday while I was changing wash loads, Declan came downstairs with his index finger pointing.
Me: Hi Dex
D: Lick it
Me: What is it ( He has his index finger pointing and so close to my face I can't see anything)
D:Mom, lick it
Me: What is it ( trying to focus and can definitely see something on there but it is still blurry)
D: ( starting to get frustrated) Its for you, lick it
So, I look at the situation and do I upset my child by forcing the issue to know what it is before I let him put it in my mouth? Or do I just suck it up and let him have his way? I ask myself if he getting mad because he wants to do something for me and I won't let him or is getting mad because he isn't getting his way? Hmmm. I take a deep breath and let him put his finger in my mouth with the unknown substance on it. I have never been more delighted to taste peanut butter in my life. I give Dex a big hug and thank him. He said "peanut butter" and giggles.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stuff I think about

A few months ago I was gassing up at a station with all the options. The pump had a pay at the pump option and there I could also buy a car wash for $2.00 cheaper than buying the car wash alone. So, as I finished pumping and the receipt printed, I looked and couldn't find the code I needed to wash Neo ( the name I gave my Matrix). With a moral dilemma of do I take care of it later or do I go in and leave my sleeping kids in the car. I decided on the later. It was planned in my head that I was going to fill and wash all in one trip. With receipt in hand and head down looking at it, I proceed to the doors not paying any attention to the gentleman who held the door open for me. I walk in hearing a "Your welcome" come from the gentleman who held the door open from me. I think a regular person may find it rude that someone wants to be noticed for doing a random act of kindness. I however am usually very grateful when someone does something of the sort for me. I often am the one muffling a "your welcome". So, I take a look at the man and feel bad but with sleeping children in the car I am in a rush. I get to the till and explain that I paid for a car wash but there is no code on my receipt. It gets pointed out to my by the attendant and I feel silly because it was right at the top. I rush back out to the car. Thankfully no one had stolen it and drove off with my precious cargo ( I did lock the doors). I notice the gentleman getting into his Lexus SUV and drive to the car wash. Great! I can go and thank him and apologise for my rudeness. I get behind him and just as I open my door, he pulls into the wash. I am not going to go that far. I notice his licence plate and it is obviously a plate that belongs to a Doctor. So that plate is forever embedded in my mind and If I ever see him again I am sure I will go up to him and ask him if he will accept my apology for being so inconsiderate that day way back when. He will probably look at me and think I am crazy but then it will be one less thing on my conscience. Now, is this what normally goes on in other minds or is it just me?? Am I going too out of my way to right a wrong?? Is it even that big of a deal??

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Welcome to my blog. This title comes from my favorite anecdote about a donkey that has fallen down a well. The farmer comes across his sad old donkey making a fuss down an old dried out well, After trying every trick to get the donkey out, he decides it is time to say goodbye to the old fella and starts digging its live grave. He shovels and shovels for a while and has a look hoping he won't see his donkey meeting his maker but what he sees is the donkey half way up the well, Amazed the farmer shovels some more dirt in and watches every spec land on the donkey. He gives a little shake and packs the dirt down underneath him with his hooves bringing him higher and higher to the top. With a new sense of admiration for his old friend, he runs over to his neighbors, explains he needs some help and extra hands. The crew of helpers shovelled and shovelled and before the sun had time to set, the donkey had packed a well full of dirt beneath him and casually walked out of the well. With glorious cheers and endearing pats on the behind the donkey has a drink of water and falls fast asleep in his barn.
So why I love this story so much is because I love the underdog.
If I find myself head in hands over a situation that seems hopeless I think of this story and it enlightens me. I find myself passing this on quite often with the phrase "this too shall pass". I love to give advice.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog.