Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maybe I am just insesitive

I just finished the book "The time travellers wife" and I was warned that is was a very emotional read. Um not really. I will adjust my filter now because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who plans to read it.
It was an amazing book. I had fallen asleep a few times with book in hand. I didn't want to put it down. The only other books that I have looked forward to going to bed early to read was the Outlander series from Diana Gibaldon - AMAZING.
I don't know if it is because books are something I am reading, consciously I know it is a story that someone had come up with on paper. Same with movies I rarely cry watching movies. I can't remember when I ever have. Accept for Bambi when I was seven, I balled my eyes out and embarrassed my sister. Maybe that is why I don't cry at movies. I will admit however, I am a snotty mess some morning watching the news. So back to my theory that it is because of the whole reality thing. I should find my self a novel based on a true story, maybe then I will get the real feelings that I feel I should out of it.
Oh, I remember the last movie I shed a tear, it was Cars when McQueen pushed The King over the finish line so he could finish his last race. I guess I will throw my whole real theory out the window.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tav's 1st haircut

Tavish got his first haircut today. I figured it would be over the top to video it so I just took some pictures. He did really good, it was just when I was close to him that he wanted me to take him out of that damn chair ( it was actually a tractor that he was sitting in). The cut was done by Audrey, the lady at the local children's hair cutting place. She is the only one I take the kids to.

getting familiar with the clippers
kind of the end results
Enjoying the sucker he received for being such a good boy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sometimes I just burst out laughing

Every now and then, I have a random memory that pops into my head. Sometimes it is one that I would love to forget. Sometimes it is one that STILL makes me blush.
I have a memory about a phone call that makes me laugh and it always happens at inconvenient times.
About 7-8 years ago I went on a camping trip. Not too much I can report about that trip accept to say good times were had. The second morning we were there I was building a fire to boil some water and was attempting to break a branch in half by stepping on one end and bending it in the middle. The branch snapped and scratched the whole front of my leg. It wasn't too deep but really wide.
A few days later I was having a phone conversation with someone I may have had a mild crush on. So, the conversation goes on and my leg suddenly itched like a million mosquitoes were at it. I scratched it. The person on the other end noticed he had lost my attention and asked me if I was okay. I said " My scratch it itchy". I heard a caution "whaaaaat?" I repeated "My scratch is itchy" I heard a sigh of relief and and oh, okay. I thought you had said my SNA- - - is itchy.
To this day anytime I hear the word itchy I giggle.
Did that make you laugh too?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

poor baby

So, yesterday I let Tavish cry himself to sleep for his afternoon nap. I haven't done that since he was about 5 months old.
When Tav was just 5 months old, he went through some weird phase where he couldn't be held because he was soooo squirmy. But he wouldn't go to sleep if he wasn't rocked. I tried the cry it out method for A WEEK. For every nap (3-4) in the daytime bedtime was not really a problem. I think it was because he had a bedtime routine-dinner,bath,bed. So after a week of listening to him cry for 20 minutes before falling asleep I decided that it definitely wasn't working and how could I put my baby through that any more. It didn't feel natural. However he did become easier to put to sleep. To this day he still needs some rocking before bed. Even his naps. Usually 2-3 minutes is all he needs.
So why the cry it out yesterday??? Tavish woke up in the am around 6am I brought him into bed with me hoping to get some more sleep. He fell asleep however I was up. Then I heard Declans pitter patter in the kitchen then coming down the hall to our room. I got up and met him in the hallway so we didn't wake up "T". Shortly after Declan and I started breakfast I heard Tav waking up. Tavish and I were sitting together on the couch for about 3 minutes when he started snoring. He fell asleep AGAIN. Over all he slept until 8 am. Which is sleeping in since he usually is up around 6am. So, around 1:pm he started to get cranky witch would be about right since his usual is around 11am. We were in his room listening to a babbling brook noise machine and I was rocking him. Tavish decide he was going to stick his finger in my eye, then up my nose. Clearly he was not going to sleep. We played in the living room for about an hour and he was getting cranky again. So the whole routine again to rock him to sleep. Again with the eye and nose poking he was laughing and not going to sleep. So, I had no choice, I put him in his crib and left. after about 15 min with me peeking in every 3 min. he started to fall asleep. the only problem was he was sitting up. He would close his eyes and start to fall back, half way down he would wake up and sit back up. So, I went in laid him down and gave him a little rub and he was out. There has got to be a better way.
I don't like feeling like I am the mom, I should be able to fix, this why can't I.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just one night

So, Finally Tavish has gotten over the waking up at 2 am. He has been sleeping through the night for some time but the last few weeks he has been waking up.
Last night as I was falling asleep I was wondering how many winks I would get until I heard the whiny cry to get him. I was soooooo very rudely woken by the f#%&'n train whistle. Why do they have those horrid things anyway??? I could hear it for five freakin minutes. I think at one point I had even said to myself ( not to bother saying anything to my husband cause he would sleep through a hurricaine. ) If that train wakes up the kids I will be over there kicking the shit out of it in a heart beat. I said I was just rudely woken up okay!!!
The train tracks are about 2 kms from our house. I don't even want to know what is going on in the heads of the people who live closer. But WHY???! why do they have to be so freakin loud at 2:30 in the freakin morning. I was miffed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday club

We have a group of friends who, whenever it is someones birthday, we all go out for dinner. Monday is Katie's 30th, so we all went out to Red Lobster. Of course we left the kids with the grandparents.
I believe the group started out with Simon's fraternity the Kappa Sigmas. The men are all brothers and of course the ladies are the wives. This is the same group that get together for games night. I did pitch in the idea of playing 'who's the biggest pervert' at the next games night and Steve looked a little worried. I had said don't worry it isn't going to turn into a swing party. Nobody takes their clothes off or is forced to cross any boundaries that may cause some marital problems within the birthday club.
So, we all met at Red Lobster Saturday night for Katie's Birthday and it was a blast. We may have pissed off the manager a bit with needing seating for 13+3kids after we had said about 8-10 guests but oh well, we all sat and ate. We sat at 4:30 and left around 8:00 not really feeling bad that there was a line up out the door. They should have arrived sooner.
I love the group, I couldn't imagine being surrounded by a better bunch. I always leave a gathering feeling like I have become closer with someone. It is also cool that everyone is at different stages and it is fun to follow the progression. couple #1 had recently reconciled after calling off the engagement. Still planning the nuptials in September. Couple #2 Also getting married in September. Couple #3 both work in professional jobs-no kids YET. There was a couple #4 only she was unable to attend but he had the privilege of informing us that he and his misses are eloping NEXT WEEKEND and had nothing to do with her expecting in October. It is quite cool cause it will be a 2nd marriage for both of them and she has 2 children from hubby#1 He has no children. He is sooooo excited.
That was just our table although we were able to briefly visit with the rest of the gang, didn't really get a chance to catch up. Next time, I will sit at their table. It will just give us more to talk about. have I mentioned how much I love our gang???

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

too cute

Declan and Tavish have been doing some major growing up. Declan's communication skill are HUGE. His language skills are AMAZING he mimicked the word solicitor today and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tavish had the craziest hair today, I just couldn't stop taking pictures. He actually took a few steps today, unbeknownst to him that he was walking, of course it will take some time but WOW!!! He even has tried to tickle us. It is too sweet. Here are a few pics.

Declan as Mr. Incredible

Tavish and crazy hair pic #1

Tavish and crazy hair pic #2 after finding a piece of chalk to eat.

Self portrait of me and Tav

How cute are we all???

Monday, April 9, 2007

Don't read this if you scare easily

I have a huge fear of ghosts. I don't know why, never seen one. I also have a huge fear of plain old evil. I think that is from watching the exorcist when I was way to young. I have dreams that I clearly remember from years ago about evil beings around me.
The first one I remember was from my mid 20's. I was living in a basement suite that I fondly remember, good times were had there. But, this dream started with a doll that I had found. just your typical doll with a soft body and a plastic head. It was quite homely but I kept it. But them something happened, I put it away one day. A few days later it was out. I put it away again, a few days later it was out. I threw it in the garbage. It was back at my door step.
At this point I was getting creeped out ( still remember this is a dream). I had mentioned it to a few Friends I knew and they thought I was crazy. So we all went out and barried it. It came back. So, I took the doll and drove for miles, threw it off a bridge into a deep river and drove away. A few days later it was staring in my window, it was all cleaned off with new clothes and a newly painted face but it looked like a clown. I saw it and noticed it was watching me, it's eyes were following me around. I started yelling at it and ran to the window telling it to leave me alone. I started banging on the window and I broke it and started chasing the doll. I was terrified of me and was running away.
that is when I woke up in a cold sweat.
haven't had that dream again.
just wanted to share a creepy story.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A mom's conundrum

If you were a mom with a 5 year old boy who insisted on painting his finger and toe nails light pink, who would sneak short skirts and neck scarves out of the house to wear to school and who is obsessed with make-up. Would you support it? Would you let him express his individuality and give him the freedom to make these choices now?
I have a friend who runs a day home and the mom to one of the kids is going through this. She is not worried about raising a boy who will be a homosexual but is worried what kind of effect that what he is doing now will have on him.
Will he be ostracised because the kids will see he is different from the other boys?
Will his self esteem be ruined because of being picked on for being different?
Will other parents refuse their kids as friends to him out of fear he will influence them?
I hope this generation that we are raising is more adaptable than what my (our) generations was. Different was considered "weird". I hope the young people we are raising are more accepting than I was. I think about how I would have been had someone been openly homosexual when I was in school. It would not been well received. It was well after I graduated High school when I found my mind opening up to the alternative lifestyles of the people around me. Maybe because there was not a lot of exposure at that age. I don't know I just hope the kids we are raising are more compassionate than the kids I grew up with.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

While the cat was away

I always dread the times Simon leaves town. It is embedded in my mind that that will be the time something bad happens like falling in the shower and cracking my head open leaving my kids to survive on their own until daddy comes home.OR some passer by sees my kids tear streaked in the window and comes to check it out. It also occurs to me that I will not have a break until he gets home.
Sunday night was a very relaxed evening. After Si left, I fed the kids dinner, played a bit then it was bath time. Dex wasn't in the mood for a bath so I didn't worry too much since he was well washed the evening before at Granny's house. Tav loves the tub, no problems there. Shortly after, I get Tav into bed and I get the house cleaned up BEFORE Dex goes down. Declan goes to bed and I have two sleeping children and a clean house.
Monday I get up. We have plans to go visit a friend of mine who has a day home so she is aways ready for company. We get up, have breakfast and leave before the kids have a chance to mess the house. I take my kids to Christine's to make messes there. I think it was 1:00 when I decide we should go home Tav is getting cranky and needs a nap. The kids fall asleep on the way home. The house is still clean since no-one was around to mess it up and the kids are sleeping. YAY!!! I get a couple loads of laundry done and put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. The kids wake up and we play until dinner time. We have dinner and I decide we need a few groceries and what a great outing it will be. I didn't wear a low cut shirt and a push up bra, I actually had on a heavy grey hoodie since it was f'n freezing. The groceries were done we get home have baths ( both kids this time Dex was willing and didn't have a choice). It was difficult getting Tav to bed, I let him cry (just for a minute) then I go and rock him to sleep. Dex watches TV while I clean up the little mess we made since we were gone all day. Dex goes to bed and I finish tidying up.
Tuesday. Thank god I had the house so tidy the first two days Si was gone because I picked up the stomach bug he had. I feel lousy and I am alone until 7:00 pm how was I going to get through this??? I curse Simon for a) leaving town and b) for giving me this stomach bug that whenever I burp it tastes like I just consumes some kind of carbonated egg beverage. Not pleasant. Simon and I text back and forth a bit and he mentions that he may leave early since he has gotten about as much out of the seminar as he is going to. Another text has gone by and he hasn't left yet, another and another saying that his colleague has just left. I am starting to get really annoyed"just get your ass in the truck and get home. " Of course that was all said in my head, my dear husband would probably stay longer if I were to say it directly to him. Finally I get the message that he is leaving and do the math yep, it will be 7:00 before he gets home.
So, with all the hard work that went into keeping the house clean and keeping it so Si would come home to a clean house was a total waste, it was still dirty when he got home DAMMIT! Well at least I didn't crack my head open in the shower.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

a night without kids

I got home from my step class Saturday morning and the mother in law has requested a sleepover at her house with the kids. Great!! We plan an evening out to dinner and the movies I am thinking maybe a bit of Romance later.
We go to see Wild hogs and we both enjoyed it, I think my favorite part is when they get caught skinny dipping by an unsuspecting family (HILARIOUS). So we get home to a house that was not cleaned up before we left due to lack of time since we had planned to go out for dinner before the movie. I take on the living room putting toys away, and folding blankets. Simon takes on the dishes. We both tackle the laundry. I am folding a putting away the pile on our bed while Simon brings up some fresh out of the dryer and folds it in the kitchen. Put the laundry away and one last look around the house and we hear a mild screech from the smoke alarm. It had made a noise earlier and forgot to take care of the battery then. Simon being the much taller ( by about 7 inches) takes it down to change it. Simon heads to the basement to do some computer stuff, and I head to bed to get a bit further into my book ( The time travellers wife). My eyes get heavy and Simon comes to bed just as I am drifting off. How romantic.
Who would have thought a night without kids would be so exhausting.