Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PLEASE... just go away

There is this woman I met in prenatal class when I was pregnant with Declan. We weren't really friends until after Declan was born but before her son was born. She sent me an email just a few weeks before her son was born. Anyways, we never really got together, we would just talk on the phone or chat over email. She seemed pretty normal.
Simon had taken Declan to her son's first birthday. It would have been the first time either one of us had physically seen her since prenatal class. Still, I hadn't actually gotten together with her.
I had gone to HER birthday party when I was about a month from having Tavish. It was 2 years since I had actually seen her in person. Her 2nd son was born just 3 weeks after Tavish and I had taken Tavish in with me to visit her in the hospital. This would have been the 2nd time I had seen her in person.
Needless to say we weren't really great friends. We were acquaintances and it was barely. I had sent along an invite to an open house workshop of mine. She replied that she would come and bring her 2 friends. Both I had met briefly at functions at her house. And oddly one that I had run into during a late night crop night ( a scrap booking term).
I had hit it off with her friends quite well. I had no idea that my life was about to regress a decade. I was accused of stealing her friends. Simply because I had to get orders to them, we started chatting and so on.
One year ago this month I had actually told her to not call me again. I was not going to put up with someone who couldn't get past the high school stage. I have become quite good friends with Christine ( yes the on who has a day home). Christine has had the same problems. But this woman will not go away. The very next day since telling her to not call me, she did. She had called and asked me if I was feeling better because I was a bit grouchy the previous day. I was shocked!!! I couldn't believe that after all I had said to her that she would call me.
So, after all of my efforts to rid myself of this person, she is still in my life. She calls me a few times a week, it will depend on my mood if I answer or not. If I don't answer it just encourages her to call more until she gets me. It is always with the same things. "did you talk to Christine today?? Did she say anything about me?? how many times this week have you talked to her??? who called who???
I know what you are thinking. Just tell her to shut up. Well, I have. I have had the go away, don't call me, I want nothing to do with you conversation with her at least 5 times. If I had said to ANYONE the things I had said to her, they would hate me and never forgive me. Not her. She calls the next day to see if you are still mad at her. Christine's husband actually went to her house and told her and her husband that she is not to call there. She still does.
I don't know what to do with this woman. I just received an email from her on facebook and she was complaining about my profile picture. It is of me and Christine and another friend. It was the three of us out for a ladies night. She had actually shown up after a wedding. In the message she asks if I am trying to taunt her with the photo. I guess she feels like I have nothing else going on but to piss her off. I had told her that I thought she was the one who took the photo with Christine's camera. She comes back with " no I wasn't invited as usual". I just replied that if she sharpened her memory a bit, we actually did a shooter together that night.
No comment back. I will probably get a call from her at 7:30 in the morning asking me what I meant by that comment and that it hurt her feelings.
Well, if you had stuck through this post long enough to get to this sentence, you are a very patient person and I thank you for sticking around. It was the email from her that threw me off the edge. No one to vent to right now but you.
Advice anyone???

Friday, October 19, 2007


My Husband is a true humanitarian. He was off early yesterday (don't tell his boss) so he did some productive "stuff" around the house. One of the things on his to do list was the recycling. Once he got back he had told me that there was a line up for the bottle depot and didn't want to wait to do that. So the great and inpatient guy he is, he just gave the bag of mostly juice boxes to someone waiting in line.
He made a point to tell me that he gave the bag to the guys with the most crappiest car.
Doesn't that make you want give him the ol nudge on the shoulder and say "good for you"...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I don't get it...

I don't get the way some people think when they go to the gym... The first thing i don't get is the race to find the closest parking spot... Um, you are going to work out. Then, there are the people that take the elevator and then go on the treadmill.
I enjoy going to the step classes. The instructors are great. Lots of energy and personality, lots of fun. There are a few ladies that come and take the class but do totally different things than the instructor. It is really distracting. Why come to a class if you are going to do your own thing??? I keep thinking to myself, " If the class isn't good enough for you, why don't you teach it then".
I think my biggest pet peeve is when I go and have a great workout, I leave the gym feeling all good about my self, step out the doors right into a cloud of cigarette smoke. I just don't get it. Why are you working out, trying to look and feel better then leaving to have a cigarette, you just undid all the good stuff you did to your insides...
I know how addicting smoking is, I smoked for 13 years. I am not putting it down or trying to offend anyone but if you could only know how much better you would feel if you didn't do it. However, the problem I have is. I just had a workout, I am going home and I walk into a cloud of cigarette smoke. Can you wait until you are in a more open spot than right at the door, you might as well be blowing it right into my face.
anyway, that is my beef.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A favorite

I love Calvin and Hobbes, especially all the snowmen ones that get emailed at Christmas time. The first time I read this one, I really wished I could reach in and give him a hug.

I really hope my kids never feel this way, I am sure they will. I think about this episode when I find I am at my wits end with Declan some days and I always find my patient side. I bet you have the urge to hug your kids after reading this. I do.