Thursday, November 29, 2007

You can almost see it

Here is the latest of the basement renos.

above is the view of the stairs, my office and on the left at the bottom of the stairs is the storage room that we aren't doing anything to. the other door on the left is the bathroom.

above is going to be the media area. There will be a pretty window there once we get it. The window guy is taking his time getting it to us. This space looks a lot longer and skinnier than it is.

above is my office space. Complete with desk and counter top for scrapbooking. notice the wall cut out so I can keep an eye on what the kids are doing. Also notice the door that I can close to keep the kids out. Muah ha ha.

This it the pretty window in Simon's office. We will have one exactly like it in the media area. Damn window guy.

So there it is. I probably won't send out more pictures until it is done. It won't be changing much now until the carpet is in. DECEMBER 13 WOOOHOOO!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

borrowed Idea

I think Simon did this once. I know I have seen it on a few blogs and now I am going to share 10 things about me.

1. I often call my husband to help me with the computer.

2. I can't bring myself to wash the inside back window of my car. It still has nose prints from my dog Farley that we gave away last winter.

3. I still cry when I think about Farley

4. I collect pens. ( It makes my husband crazy)

5. I know how to install siding and
eaves trough on a house. I even know how to install soffit and fascia but most people don't know what that is.

6. I would rather clean a toilet than do the dishes by hand.

7. I love to wear heavy eye makeup. I would wear it heavier than I do if I were going out if I knew how to apply it. However, heavy to me is light to some.

8. I will inform a total stranger that their fly is undone, that they have a visible booger or if they have something in their teeth. I mean I would want to know. Wouldn't you???

9. I am afraid of ghosts but think vampires are cool.

10. I broke my
pinkie finger 9 years ago. I wiped out when I was roller blading.

There now you know :o)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuba pics

I am finally getting around to posting some Cuba pics. In no particular order though cause I don't have that kind of patients.
I call this one first pic "circle of friends". Haha. Get it???

In the pool with my hubby

Topless in the ocean. We were really far away from her so that is how I am sure I was able to take this picture. There were other topless bathers but not at all picture worthy. No, really.

This is my sister and Rui. We were hoping they would hook up but didn't. I know it looks promising in this picture but they are both the gotta get to know them people. They have actually spent some time together since Cuba.

In the pool with Monique. Different Monique that the one talked about in my recent post. I know how many people do you know with two friends named Monique???

I love this picture of Monique and Andre. I think they are going to kiss "snicker"

Girls at the pool. Julie is enjoying her breasts.

James and Kelli. They were the ones who invited Rui.

This is actually the first day in the sun. As I said... No particular order. Notice my un tan. hahaha
My pretty sister and her friend Julie.

On the beach again. A little different colour in the skin from the previous one.

My handsome hubby on the beach

The hermit crab I found.

I just received a CD from Andre with more pictures on it so I will have to have a look and share those ones too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

lets get on with it already...

I am really done with the vacation thing. Yes, we were back last weekend from Cuba but Simon is still on holidays. IT IS SCREWING WITH MY SCHEDULE!!! He will be back from Toronto in a few hours and I am planning to leave him with the kids for a few hours so I can just go away. I don't know how single mothers do it or wives with husbands that are gone for work. I guess they just do it because they have to.
I want my schedule back. I need to get back to the routine that I miss so much. I have gained back8 out if the 16 lbs that I lost but still planned to lose another 10 so that takes me back to 18 lbs. Maybe it will happen before Christmas. That might be ambitious. At least with Simon home I will be actually cooking healthy dinners and not just eating what my kids are having. I will be heading to the gym again which I have not done since the week before Cuba.
Does it sound bad that I want my husband back so he can go back to work???

Sunday, November 11, 2007


It is Sunday and I have a tonne of things I want to get done before Tuesday. I have my washer and dryer hooked up only till then, then the drywallers are coming and will be disconnecting them again so they can work in that room. I also have some workshops I need to prepare for for next weekend and one the following weekend. If I want to pull everything out of the corner it is placed in and haul it all up to the kitchen I could do it that way. I prefer to work on it in my soon to be finished basement on a portable table close to where it is being stored. If I want to it this way, I will have to get my ass in gear and do it so I can pack it all up again for Tuesday morning so the workers can do their job. The rest of the house needs to be cleaned. Beds made, dishes done, vacuuming, dusting and so on.
And here I am on the computer...
On the bright side. Granny and grandpa have picked up the boys for a morning coffee and afternoon nap. I really can't get much done with Tav around cause as soon as he sees me getting involved in anything but him he will be sure to do something that will need my attention. Declan is easy. He entertains himself...mostly.
My plan... To get as much done with the boys gone as possible. What I don't get done today I will finish when Simon gets home tomorrow and he can help...
So, here I go... gettin things done...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'll pull through

Simon is gone... He left yesterday. He is in Toronto for a Guy Gavriel Kay book thing. It has turned into an annual thing. I really think he goes to see Paula more that Guy but oh well...
So far so good. I have mentioned in another post that I am always paranoid that I will fall and crack my head open when Simon is gone from town. I worry cause there will be no one around for days to notice and my kids will be in the house with my dead body fending for themselves until someone notices their teary scared faces in the window . Or Simon comes home. Which ever happens first....
Yesterday I got up and stayed in my PJ's all day. So did the kids. We went no where and did nothing all day. Today when I got up I had breakfast and fed the kids and phoned Christine. I invited her over to play. Christine has a little boy just one month older (and one on the way shhh only about 5 weeks) than Tavish. His name is Jayden and he is almost as cute as Tav is. I phoned and invited them over cause I had the feeling that I would just stay in my PJ's all day again and eat all the leftover Halloween candy if I was left alone to it. So, we shared it. It also gave me incentive to clean up a little since I only made sure the dishes were done yesterday.
So, now all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do for the rest of the weekend and half of Monday. I do at some point need to pick up some groceries. I am officially out of Soy milk and the only vegetables I have in the house are potatoes. I think I might go to the mall and pick up the lulu lemon hoody I have been eyeballing for a few months. I might even head to the carpet place and look around there. It would be a great place to let the kids run wild, they can't really get hurt in a carpet store can they???