Monday, January 28, 2008


I am so scared that I may not make it through the week without becoming an alcoholic. My kids do not like the cold. They especially don't like to get bundled up for the cold. Anything more than a hat, coat, mitts and boots they cry. Seriously, they don't like to layer. So with the weather being as cold as it is we will be stuck in the house all week.
I will be afraid to drive anywhere to far until some of the snow is gone, I got stuck in a snow drift in a parking lot today taking Declan home from preschool. It wasn't even because he attended it today. I shut up my inner voice this morning telling me to stay home, don't take him today, it is too cold. I took him anyway. I would feel bad for him to not go because I am a baby, he loves preschool so much. So, we got there just to be told they had just noticed a water main break and that there was no school. F**CK! Then leaving we were stuck in a snowdrift. My car sucks in snow. Thank goodness there were two moms having a conversation and notice me stuck. So, they started to push me out, I was ready to call hubby. Then I decided to let the lady drive who was wearing the expensive leather high heel boots. Besides it was my car, I should be doing the hard work. Plus I needed to burn off some frustration. YAY! we got out. We will see what happens Wednesday.
I really don't mind the cold when I am dressed for it but it is hard when you have kids who really don't like it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tav's new room

Here it is, Tavish's new room.
as you walk in.

I tried to get a pic of the whole room but this new camera we have is finicky.

The bed is a convertible loft bed. When he is old enough to sleep in a bunk, you can flip it over. Then there is play space underneath. He actually grabbed all of his stuffies from his room and put them at the end of the bed. There is enough room for them for now so I left them. It is his room after all.

He looks so little in there. He was such a giant in his crib.

He is doing really well. The first nap in his big bed, he climbed out about three times. Simon was on nap watch. At bed time, he only climbed out once and came running into the living room with a very cheerful "HI". We was tucked back in and that has been it for putting him down. He will even wave at you as you walk away from tucking him in. It has been 5 nights since he has been in the new bed.