Monday, February 25, 2008

Seriously....go away

Remember back in October when I was fed up and frustrated with someone who would not get the hint??? Well, still not getting it. I have actually stopped taking her calls after a blow up two weeks ago. You would think that two people who have been in as many arguments as we have would agree to disagree and move on. I am trying, seriously. She calls every few days, no messages just calls and hangs up when the voice mail kicks in. Then she will try my cell.
I went to a silent auction this weekend for a friend who was raising money for a dance competition coming up. It was the same group of friends that I am apparently stealing. She was invited along with another friend of hers that I am not particularly fond of. My feelings for this other woman are well known. Crazy ( her nickname) didn't show up because she had decided to go skiing with her husband ( who also can't stand her, I think). And it starts all over again.
9:20 am this morning she called and left a message saying that she wishes I would call her because she misses talking to me..???!!!! I think she meant that she misses me telling her what an idiot she is. She also called my cell phone and simply said to call. I say No Thanks
4:20 she calls the house again and left a message saying that I am rude to not answer her calls.
she calls back immediately after and I pick up and hang up. She calls back and leaves a message saying that she is quite discouraged because I had spoken to her friend that I don't like on Saturday but I won't talk to her.
I blocked her number. Unfortunately she called from her cell number. It would have been great to block her home number instead. It only works on the last incoming call.
I hadn't really spoken to the said friend on Saturday. I had gotten myself a rye and coke and it tasted like ass. So, I asked the bartender what the chances were that they had run out of coke. I was told that they had run out of brand name coke and could only get a no name brand from wherever they get their stuff from. He had apologised and said that that was all they could do. fine I switched to Alabama slammers. No coke in there.
So anyway I headed back to the table after my conversation with the bartender and explained to everyone at the table about the cola. Then the other friend that I don't like asked me to explain again. So I did. I guess this means that we are best friends now because I talked to her. What was I supposed to do??? Tell her to shut up and go ask him herself in front of all of our mutual Friends??? That would be awkward for everyone and I would look like a bitch. I could not bruise my reputation like that (shut up). Seriously I wasn't going to make everyone uncomfortable, I know how to act like a grown up most of the time...
I accept that I am going to have to deal with her a few more times until I have all her numbers blocked from my house. I say all because she has something like 6 numbers. Two home lines a cell phone at least 2 work lines and a work cell. I will block them all if I have to. Hopefully this discourages her but I don't have high hopes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet sweet Tavish

Tavish has a habit now of getting out of bed at least three times before he finally stays in there and falls asleep. He is actually pretty funny about it because he will sneak around and peek over the corner and as soon as he sees that I have seen him, he will laugh and run back into bed and climb under the covers. The other night we had heard him pattering around the hallway. I had said to Simon " just leave him, I think he will just go back to bed". Simon decided to check on him after we had heard nothing for a while. He called me to have a look, I was thinking that he had fallen asleep on the floor or something. I looked in his room and he wasn't there. I turned to look in our room and there he was, tucked warmly in our bed with his little blanket, baby tigger, daddy tigger and molly bunny, the three stuffies he must cuddle with to sleep. It was so sweet you just wanted to squish him from all the cuteness.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

kids see everything

We were stopped at a red light and Declan gives out a little snort and says " I like that tree, it looks like a reindeer". I say " Oh Okay". i had no idea what he was talking about so I looked around thinking I would find a tree trimmed as a reindeer. Then I saw what he was talking about.

below pic, just a cit closer.
Sorry about the light post in the middle of this one but it was a drive by shooting. It is at an intersection and there is really no where to pull over. I am a bit determined to get a perfect shot of it so I may just one day drive, park and walk over. There are no sidewalks really so I would have to take the picture from across the street and I can bet you there will be people wondering just what the heck I am up to.
Neat hey???

Monday, February 4, 2008

I suck

I went back to the gym today after a 2 month hiatus. My performance sucked!!! I wasn't going to bother with weights or anything like that because I really don't want to bulk up. I have good muscles. Blame it on genetics. I know the whole " you will burn more calories when you also work your muscles" theory. But, I would rather go to the gym and spend it all working on cardio. However, I can run half as long as I could 2 months ago. I suck. I have to start all over again. I would often get a tightness in my ribs after running for a while but I was only able to reach half capacity today. I don't ever remember my lungs hurting before accept when I was a smoker and tried to run.
I have to start all over again. CRAP!!!