Sunday, April 27, 2008

much needed update from me

Good day glorious readers. I have been a crazy busy woman.
Everything has been plotting on really well with work. I was getting a bit impatient with HD after I had done my initial interview; here is why. ( I have changed the names of the staff)I had my interview and immediately had the second. Seriously. I was asked to wait while they found someone to do my second interview after my first one was done. I heard back from them the following Wednesday that. I was asked to come in for a HR interview to witch they would be handing me a job offer. So I went in the The following Tuesday I think. homer (the HR dude) had said that he has a job for me but not sure where. His exact words were. I do have a spot for you here Amy, I am just not sure where to put you so I can't give you a contract today. I had said O.K. but really what I was thinking was "WHAT!!!". Wednesday I got a call from Lily M (there are 2 Lillie's). She had said that Homer had a contract for me and could I come in anytime to have a look and sign up. I had a Dr. Appt the next day and said that I would see if it were O.K. with my girlfriend ( who was watching the boys), if I were gone for a little bit longer. Amber was fine with that. After getting my thing swabbed I headed over to HD and spoke to Homer who had a contract ready for me. It was a bit comical because the starting day was for April 1( and it was mid April by this time) the date had been scratched off and the days date was put on top. There was a name of Heather that had also been scratched off and my name placed above it. Also the starting wage had been scratched off and my wage was above it ( the other wage was much less than mine was). So I signed on the dotted line.
I started my training last Saturday and it was 6.75 hours of watching videos with a bunch of other new hires. There was a bunch of other training that I had done through the week and I had my first official 4 hours on the floor yesterday. It was tonnes of fun. I think I am really going to like it there. I am working in Home Decor and have lots to learn still even after the 26 hours of videos I had watched in the week.
So, this week I have Declan's 4th birthday party to get ready for. I ordered a pirate party theme for him ( that is what he wants to be when he grows up). I have a few things to pick up this week and I will need to do it when I am Kid free. I am working 4 shift this week and one is a full shift on Saturday WICKED!!! AND my folks are coming up sometime to be here for Declan's party. I have a feeling that this time next week I will be wondering where the week went.
Totally unrelated. A cousin of mine found a picture of me when I was I think 4 or 5 years old. I have always complained that there are no pictures of me when I was little so this was very cool for me to see. My sister always told me it was because I was adopted. Nice. Thanks Carie. Anyhoo if you want to see it, here it is..

That is me in the red, in the yellow is my little cousin Kevin, behind him is my sister Carie, in the plaid is my cousin Ericka and in the stripes is my uncle Steven. How fun is that picture???

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wish me luck

I have a job interview on Friday. I am really excited about it. I have decided to get a part time job and work when Simon is home and can take care of the kids. I wouldn't work in the day and pay a sitter, that would just be dumb. I would probably end up paying someone more to watch my kids than what I would make. Makes no sense to me.
So many reasons I want to work again
1) I want me kids to be as excited to see me when I come home as they are to see Simon. Totally jealous of the welcoming he gets. I get the " hey that lady is here, you know the one who is here ALL THE TIME!! kind of welcoming.
2) I say this and it makes Simon cringe but it is true. I need it to afford myself.
3) I want to make my own money for financial and personal reasons.
4) I can meet a whole new group of people. I meet people all of the time, but it would be a totally different crowd.
5) I get to interact with adults at work, help them and be something else other than mom. I know that being a mom is the most important thing a person can be but I need to be me too.

I am not worried about getting or not getting the job. Everyone is hiring now and you are pretty much guaranteed a job if you have a pulse. I hadn't even dropped off my resume 24 hours before they called me for an interview. I think the odds are in my favor. Hopefully I start soon. YIPPEE!!!