Sunday, July 27, 2008

Teri and Patrick

Or should I say Teri and Pat??? Today we celebrated a wedding. It was the best celebration ever!!! The story starts way back when... Teri was one of my staff when I was assistant manager at a retail store I would say about 7.5 years ago. She was awesome. one of the most responsible kids I had ever known. I say kid in the term that she was 17 when I met her. Anyways she got married today. In the small gathering she had invited me along with my husband.
Teri has had it pretty hard in the last little while. Keep in mind she is 23...
Last January ( 07) so 1.5 years ago she had lost her dad to cancer. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and lasted about 7 months from what I remember. Her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer not long ago and passed away 3 weeks ago. Very sad, I know. Let the ceremonies begin.
So, two weeks after burying her mom, she was married, the plan was if her mom was still around, they were going to have a private ceremony at the house and get married there with her mom. There was no way she would have been strong enough to leave the house to make it to the church. Then they would head to the church and have a mock ceremony there. Her mom didn't make it so it was all done at the church.
Teri had called last night to see if Simon would take some pictures for them at the ceremony today because in one of their attempts to save some money, they only hired a photographer to take some formals... before the ceremony had started and we were waiting to see the beautiful bride some shenanigans had occurred...
The first... I had notice that there were two corsages by the unity candle... No one claimed them. I had realised that they were for the Mother and Father of the bride. It was a co-incidence I later found out. The flouriest had made a mistake and make one extra of each. Gave them at no charge... Then the first two seats at the front of the church where the parents usually sit were vacant... The family left them vacant... they were for the parents... sad I know... The part of the ceremony where it was obvious that Teri was alone in her journey what walking herself down the Isle... She made it half way... Then Patrick had walked up to her and walked her the rest of the way, not a dry eye in the building... The rest of the evening was truly a celebration.