Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too funny

    I have laughed so much in the last 24 hours...  not just laughing but bent over crying laughing.  That doesn't happen as much as I would like.
  Simon and I were getting the kids ready for their bath.  Both boys were naked and running around the house.  Really if you were comfortable doing that around people you totally would.  Not exactly sure what happened but Declan came into the bedroom perplexed about something and said " Mommy, Daddy and me are all the boss... Not Tavish".  We both kind of smirked and Simon had asked him what was going on...  Declan had just said that Tavish wasn't the boss... not sure what it was all about.  Simon had then asked " well what about Jango?" Declan says " Well, Jango is the boss of CRAZY!!!"  OMG!!!  I almost peed  my pants.  Simon and I couldn't do anything else but laugh for a good 5 minutes... 
  #2... I just finished watching the rest of forgetting Sarah Marshall.  We had started it last night but I fell asleep 1/2 way into it.  I found it way funnier than Simon did but there is a certain part where an ex couple were in opposite adjoining rooms... not gonna give it away but it was super funny.  Really tears rolling down my cheeks laughing. I love that feeling.