Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bad manners

I have the worst manners. Never invite me over for dinner!!!  Especially if you expect proper etiquette.  
  My mother in law invited us over for a new years day brunch.. It is always a gamble when she is cooking.  There have been a few dishes that she has served that were... well... unusual.  while waiting for brunch to be ready, my brother in laws girlfriend Natasha ( who is a sweetie by the way) and I were sitting in the living room relaxing when we heard we were having turkey pie and tuna casserole for lunch... I might  have made a face and asked Natasha "is that what we are having for lunch??" she replied "I think so" with a sort of similar face that I had made... She also followed with a I am sure it is going to be really good!!  Natasha is not the sort of person who says anything negative, bad, derogatory etc... I then followed with a comment about rather having McDonald's breakfast burritos.. I was a tad bit hungover from some new years cheer...  Brunch was served and My father in law had said something about the tuna casserole... He had said "how about serving some of that dog food on your plate". I was a little giggly about that for a little bit but decided I was hungry from not having breakfast and started to dig in the salad she had prepared.  It was tomatoes, feta cheese, green onions and raw, fresh mushrooms... I thought it was a little strange for a salad but what the heck... I started to scoop some out and put it on my plate when my darling husband had asked me if I was OK... I then realized that I had a look of absolute disgust on my face.  I started to giggle uncontrollably... I couldn't stop... My eyes were tearing up and I couldn't stop then from rolling down my face... seriously couldn't stop giggling...  I went on for at least 10 minutes... I had excused myself form the table, when I thought I had gotten control over it I would sit down and begin to eat... It would start all over again... finally I had finished my fit and was able to sit down and eat... I am pretty sure it was over 10 minutes... 
  I am not too sure what had gotten in to me.