Friday, March 25, 2011

AS IF!!!

Made a trip to my home town yesterday with my two boys. It was a great drive!! Very uneventful, which is good when you are driving with two kids for 6 hours!! THEN with about 3 minutes to go to get to my parents house I was pulled over. I had an expired licence.
So, he must have just been watching cars go by and plugging in licence plates. Mine was registered to me and I had an expired licence... So, my licence was seized and I couldn't do anything until this morning because all of the registry offices were closed. I was seriously 7 houses away from my parents house... I was tempted to call my Mom and have her come and get the boys but decided to just wait it out... The officer said that he really wasn't supposed to let me drive it but he said he would let me drive the rest of the way but he was going to follow me.. sigh
Nothing like a police chaperone to your parents house

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