Monday, January 30, 2012

It is really hard to find people who do what they say they are going to do. I hate to give up on people but how many times should a person bail on you and you be OK with it? My new attitude toward this is going to be " call me when you are ready to wear your integrity panties". I am not going to waste my time relying on people who repeatedly let me down.
I understand when it has a valid reason. Like " I can't go to the gym, my baby has big red spots all over him". Absolutely, be with your baby. I would think you were horrible if you didn't!! haha But it is when you say " let's go for a run this day" and you get a yeah sure!! then you get a " I will have to see" and then you get an excuse that they could totally work around. I don't care if you want to sit on your ass and find an excuse for doing anything in life. It isn't my life you are ruining. But don't waste my time by making false promises.
I find these people are hard to find. I'm running out of friends. Am I an asshole??

Monday, January 23, 2012

Try this!!

A follow up from yesterday. When driving to work or standing in line and the person in front of you doesn't seem to know what they are doing or taking forever to get out of your way, just think to yourself. " They are not doing this on purpose, they just have their own thing going on. Don't take it personally. You don't know what their day has been like and they are not being slow because they want you to be late. They are just un aware.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

try it for a day

Ego, have you ever thought about it? How much does it get in the way of your life every day??
Try for just one day to go with out it. Get up and get ready for your day without dressing in something someone else will like. Wear something you want to wear and something comfortable. With staying in the reasonable allowances for your work or whatever your plans are. IE: If you work in an office and you are supposed to dress business casual. Dress business casual. But if there is a blazer you have been wanting to try with a certain shirt, but not sure of the colours together. Just wear it. You will know if YOU like it by the end of the day.
Go through your day not judging anyone and pay to no mind of people who you feel might be judging you. It doesn't matter.
I read a book a while ago about ego. I have tried this exercise and it is very difficult, BUT very liberating.